Meet This Sweet 6-Year-Old Who's Baking And Selling Yummy Cookies For Chinese New Year

Jonah Bakes was started in December.

Cover image via @jonahbakes_happycookies (Instagram)

At just six years old, Jonah already has his own cookie business

With a love for baking and dreams of running his own bakery someday, his mum, Miyumi Yanagi, helped him set up a small cookie business in December

Jonah Bakes started by selling gingerbread and chocolate chip cookies to family and friends.

In an interview with Free Malaysia Today, Yanagi shared that she was surprised when more orders began pouring in soon after.

Things haven't always been a bed of roses for the little family. Yanagi, who recently came out of an abusive marriage, is currently a single parent of two boys. Aside from challenges like medical bills and living expenses, the 30-year-old also has to consider special education for Jonah.

She expressed to SAYS that it's a huge struggle for many physically-challenged children in Malaysia, as the education system does not support them.

And she's grateful that Jonah has since been sponsored to attend trial classes online for differently-abled children like him.

The young Malaysian boy suffers from skeletal dysplasia, a rare genetic disorder that hinders his growth and development

It also affects his bones and joints, which are more fragile than an average kid. This requires him to be extra careful when doing different activities that might otherwise easily fracture his bones. 

Despite that, Jonah's cheery personality shines through his videos whenever he bakes!

For Chinese New Year, Jonah Bakes is selling pineapple tarts, peanut cookies, salted egg cornflake cookies, along with Jonah's carefully hand-decorated 'Lucky 8' vanilla cookies

The cookies can be delivered to anywhere in Malaysia. All you have to do is place an order on their website.

Follow Jonah Bakes for more information on Facebook and Instagram.

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