Do Your Socks Always Slide Off? This M'sian Company Makes Eco-Friendly Ones That Stay Put

No need to deal with annoying loose socks ever again.

Cover image via Just Better Company

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One of my biggest pet peeves is when my socks slide off whenever I walk or go to the gym

It's a horrible feeling when the edge of your socks get loose after some time – especially those low-cut types – leaving you with that annoying folded half-on-your-foot feeling in your shoes as you walk. Ugh.

Low-Cut Bamboo Charcoal socks.

Image via Just Better Company

So you can understand my excitement when I discovered this local brand that makes quality versions — that don't budge

And they don't cost you an arm and a leg.

Just Better Company is a Malaysian-based brand that produces minimalist, comfortable day-to-day essentials that are made to last. One of the items they sell are socks.

They currently have three different styles:
1. Low-cut
2. Ankle
3. Crew 

Low-Cut Bamboo Charcoal socks.

Image via Just Better Company

Ankle Bamboo Charcoal socks.

Image via Just Better Company

Crew Bamboo Charcoal socks.

Image via Just Better Company

And boy, do I love them. (No, I wasn't sponsored to say this, I just think they're great).

Aside from not budging, the socks are also really comfortable.

They almost feel 'cushion-y', which is supposed to "help absorb the shock of high-impact activity", as the company states. I do feel the difference compared to other socks, especially when working out or playing sports like badminton.

In saying that, though, expect the socks to be slightly thicker than some options out there. Despite being on the "thicker" side, they still feel breathable, surprisingly.

Another great factor is that they're made with environmentally-friendly fibres, such as bamboo, bamboo-charcoal, lyocell, seaweed, recycled plastic (PLA) fibres, and other blends that provide functionality on top of sustainability.

I also love that the designs are minimalistic, which makes it easy to pair with any outfit.

There are two colours in multiple sizes available: Charcoal Black and Ash Grey.

The Low-Cut and Ankle socks cost RM19.90 a pair, while the Crew costs RM24.90.

But you can also get them in three- and four-pack versions which work out to be slightly cheaper, around RM17.90 and RM19.50 a pair.

You can get them here.

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