8 Funny Excuses Your Kid Has Probably Given To Avoid Pooping

Because children say the funniest things!

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Once you become a parent, your child's bowel movements rule your world!

You can talk about poop all day long. Whether it's discussing the consistency with the pediatrician, talking about the colour with the babysitter, comparing notes with your fellow mum-friends, or Googling "WHY IS MY KID NOT POOPING?!" at 2am.

Regular bowel movements are important and indicate a child’s gut health. 

When the kid gets older though, that's when they start making excuses to not go to the toilet.

The stink is in the air and you see your kid shaking and trying to hold it in... But they still won't go! Here are their excuses:

1. "I don't need to poop!"

The number one excuse for every child. At the same time, they'll be shaking their legs, bouncing around, holding it in as loooooong as possible.

2. "I already pooped yesterday!"

Ah, toilet time, meal time, shower time... all such a "waste of time" for kids! ;)

3. "I want to finish watching this cartoon first."

4. "I'm in the middle of my gaaaaame..."

5. "I didn't kentut it was *insert brother/sister/cat/dog name*"

6. "This toilet is scary!"

Every mummy in the world has hugged their kid in the toilet while they pooped.

7. "I only want to poop at home."

Same for some adults TBH.

8. "I don't need to poop. I'm just dancing for fun!"

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Aiyo, these kids... They certainly drive us parents nuts, but we still can't help but laugh at their funny excuses and silly antics!

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Fun and games aside, it's important that you help your child maintain good bowel health

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Hard stools are uncomfortable for all of us, and even more so for young children. Yet it's one of the most common problems kids face. They may suffer from abdominal pain, fever, vomiting, and weight loss.

To help your child, encourage them to eat more fibre-rich fruits and vegetables, drink more fluids, and exercise regularly. If the problem persists, seek medical advice from your family doctor.

Learn more about how to help your child here!

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What funny excuses have your children come up with? Share your experience in the comments section below!