Your Kids' Drawings Could End Up On PPE Suits Worn By Healthcare Frontliners Across M'sia

With this PPE drawing contest, your kids also stand to win an education fund worth RM10,000!

Cover image via Jerry Wang (Unsplash) & Art For All (YouTube)

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This Spotlight is sponsored by Goodday Milk.

Have you ever marvelled at your kids' drawings before?

It can be fun to see what their imaginative minds come up with, as kids tend to interpret the world around them differently. As parents, it's also good practice to encourage your children to explore their creative side through art, whether it's by displaying their drawings on the fridge, or sharing them with family and friends.

This Children's Day, your child can take part in an exciting contest by Goodday Milk, which challenges them to come up with new and fun designs for personal protective equipment (PPE) :D

Together with Entropia, a part of Accenture Interactive, they are launching the Happee PPE contest for kids aged between 5 to 12 years old. From 25 October to 14 November, kids will get the chance to give PPE a feel-good makeover with their creative drawings!

Plus, the winning sketches will be incorporated into the actual PPE suits worn by frontliners, and distributed to different hospitals across Malaysia, wah! This will surely bring smiles to hospitalised children, by making PPE suits more kid-friendly and cheery, by kids, for kids! Now that's a whole new level of displaying your child's art. :P

Is your child ready to unleash their artistic side with a little friendly competition? Here's how they can participate!

All you have to do is post a photo of your kid's drawing in the comments section of Goodday Milk's Facebook post. You can even upload your kid's drawing on your Instagram, and set your profile to public. Make sure to include #GooddayMilkMalaysia and #GooddayHappeePPEs in your submissions!

Whether you choose to snap a photo of your kid's drawing or scan it, make sure it looks clear so the judges can have a good look at the designs.

On 22 November, a total of three sketches will be chosen as the winning entries, and in addition to being featured on actual PPE, each winner will also be entitled to an education fund worth RM10,000 each.

Aside from bringing joy and happiness to hospitalised children with this fun contest, Goodday Milk hopes to remove the scary impression kids have about PPE

Image via Reuters

This contest gives children a chance to create a more approachable version of the PPE suit.

Yee Pek Kuan, Vice President of Marketing at Etika, said that while the use of PPE is more prevalent during the pandemic, children are still afraid when they come across healthcare frontliners wearing the medical equipment.

"Our new campaign champions, 'Give good, get good' – a positive, universal belief that helps makes the world a better place.

"It's about how a small act of good can trigger a flow of goodness – beginning from the one who starts the good to others who pay it forward. Eventually, it comes back full circle to the 'originator' in one way or another. And by this, is to help hospitalised children deal with often-traumatic experiences, in a happier way," she shared.

Jom, let the goodness flow and encourage your kids to join this fun and meaningful competition! Find out more at Goodday Milk's Facebook or Instagram page.

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