Kluang Chef Wins World Sushi Cup Japan 2018 With His Malaysia-Themed Creative Sushi

Making his country proud. :')

Cover image via RojakDaily

Meet chef Tai Koon Siang

More popularly known as Chef Sky Tai, the Kluang-native has been making sushi for 12 years since he finished secondary school.

He currently works at a Japanese-food restaurant in Singapore

The restaurant is called Standing Sushi Bar where chef Sky Tai works as a sushi chef.

He started working in Singapore after completing his secondary school. His interest in Japanese cuisine came from the Japanese series "Shota no Sushi".

The 36-year-old chef says he is working in Singapore to make a living in order to start his own family-style sushi restaurant in Kluang, Johor.

Chef Sky Tai dreams of returning home to be with his three children, whom he says rarely get a chance to eat sushi made by him, reported RojakDaily.

Recently, the Kluang chef made the country proud after he emerged as the overall champion at the World Sushi Cup Japan 2018

The competition, which was held in Tokyo, featured 40 sushi chefs from across the world including Brazil, France, the Philippines, and Japan.

Chef Sky Tai not only won the overall championship but was also crowned the champions of Creative Sushi Competition and Edo-Mae sushi Open Competition.

With the title for his creative sushi 'Malaysia - Truly Asia', which expressed the rich nature of Malaysia, he beat chefs from Brazil, the Philippines as well as Japan.

In Creative Sushi Competition, he used Malaysia as his theme to include nasi lemak, sambal squid and roast pork with the Twin Tower of Kuala Lumpur.

Chef Sky Tai's 'Creative Sushi'.

Image via World Sushi Cup

How did he prepare for the contest?

According to Tai, he took his time to prepare the ingredients a week in advance, packing all the frozen food in a vacuum pack before flying to Japan.

He was also invested in looking for suitable plates and decorative items, visiting relevant shops several times, to take his sushi presentation to the next level.

Congratulations, chef Sky Tai!

The Kluang chef with his trophy.

Image via ANN - Asia News Network

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