"The Ex-Lovers Club" — Lady Invites Exes To Her Wedding & Makes Them Sit At The Same Table

There was also a place card at their table that read, 'Table of Ex-Boyfriends'.

Cover image via Weibo

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Weddings represent beginnings, but also signify one of the happiest days of our lives.

For the special occasion, some people like to have every person they know attend their nuptials — and we mean EVERY person.

A recent video that was posted to the Chinese social media platform, Weibo, has been going viral after one bride took a rather unique approach when seating a number of guests at her wedding.

Making the choice to invite numerous ex-boyfriends to her wedding, she sat them all at the same table for the reception dinner, dubbing the placement as "The Ex-Lovers Club".

Reportedly inviting five of them in total, the bride also included a place card on the table which read "Table of Ex-Boyfriends" in Chinese, resulting in a great deal of awkward vibes by the looks on their faces.

(Left) Two of the reported ex-boyfriends and (right) the place card.

Image via Weibo

Numerous Weibo users chimed in with their take on the bride making the choice to invite her exes — with some mentioning how they all look alike, too!

"All of them have the same face!" wrote one user. "Did I see correctly? How did the bride manage to gather so many ex-boyfriends that look like each other?" 

Making a joke at the unknown groom's expense, another commenter said that it wouldn't be hard to guess what he'd look like after seeing all the exes.

Image via Weibo
Image via Weibo

Another commenter even called out the exes for having the gall to attend the wedding, despite receiving an invite.

"It's one thing for the bride to invite these men, but it's another daring move for them to attend it."

Image via Weibo

Nonetheless, multiple people called out the woman for potentially writing the place card last minute with the intention of gaining clout.

"It looks as though the place card was written last minute, it's obviously a joke. If the bride was serious, the sign would have been done much earlier," wrote one user.

Another person joked that perhaps it was someone on the groom's party who wrote the sign, as a means to play a prank on him. "Maybe one of the groomsmen wrote it? Just to mess with him and play a prank."

Image via Weibo

One of the funniest and most cheeky jokes, however, went to a user, who plainly stated, "I want to see what the ex-girlfriends table looks like," referencing the groom's exes.

Image via Weibo

Would you invite your exes to your wedding? Let us know!

Click here to view the full video on Weibo.

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