"It's So Stingy" — Malaysian Man Complains About Getting RM20 Ang Pow From A Wedding Guest

"Be grateful, that's all they could afford; be glad they gave anything at all."

Cover image via China Press & The Big Rajah

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While weddings are often the dream of a lifetime for couples, the mounting cost of what it takes to create the perfect nuptials can be a headache for some

One Malaysian man felt the bane of this sentiment, as he took to sharing an experience regarding his wedding on social media.

As reported by China Press, the nameless man released a photo, supposedly of himself, with an ang pow packet that contained RM20 and a lengthy caption plastered across the image.

Expressing his sheer frustration over the described 'little' amount, the man goes on to explain his disappointment and annoyance towards one of his wedding guests, who came to his wedding and only gave him and his wife a RM20 contribution.

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Image via The Big Rajah

Opening his rant, the man mentions that his wedding took place in Bukit Bintang, alluding to the heightened cost it took to have a ceremony in that area

"You're attending a wedding reception in Bukit Bintang and you only gave RM20!?"

Providing his personal perspective, the man exclaimed that the average cost of a table at a wedding reception can cost up to RM1,500 at present day. "Do you want us to lose money?" he wrote.

Continuing on, the man stated that RM20 may be the amount one would give at a wedding ceremony 20 years ago, and that the 'market price' to attend a wedding can now be around RM150. The most unnerving part, however, was the man revealing that he and his wife know who the giftee of the RM20 was.

"We may have been busy during the reception, but we know who you are. Just because you didn't write your name on the red packet doesn't mean we don't know who gave it to us," he penned.

The original photo and full rant by the anonymous husband.

Image via China Press

Ending his post, the man stated that if the guest was not able to contribute monetarily, they could have at least given the newly married couple a present instead.

Going viral on the Chinese media platform, many locals chimed in with their opinions on the man's rant — and plenty were not on his side

One person, though understanding the confessor's frustration, relayed that posting about it was not the route to go.

"If I received RM20, I wouldn't post it. It would be very mean. Since I'm putting on a happy event, it would be a joy to invite that guest and let that be it," they wrote.

Another user questioned the motive by the confessor, saying that the money each person gives comes from the heart, and that one shouldn't complain about an expensive wedding if they choose to have one.

"So many people want to have many tricks at their wedding; in a five-star hotel, with a band, invite singers — but when they receive a smaller sum in ang pow, they say they 'lost money'? I think it's a little weird..."

Giving insight to his own personal experience, one Facebook user stated that he had received a red ang pow packet that was empty his own wedding, though he didn't mind it at all.

"I was okay with it, because we also have to consider that the other party may be in financial difficulty," he explained.

Somewhat piggy-backing off this, another user stated that the confessor needs to be considerate of others, not knowing how hard their family life must be at home. "You don't know how hard they worked for that."

Nonetheless, a few users couldn't help but make some wise cracks at the husband's expense. 

"Well, it turns out that the wedding banquet is a time to make money!" wrote one person, while another said, "With this experience, sell tickets during your second marriage like it's a concert."

Adding to the humour, another took this joke a little further, saying that the confessor should sell tickets for his wedding 'next time', and charge them according to their seating. "People sitting at the back can pay RM88, in the middle pay RM138, and those in front can contribute RM288."

Nonetheless, numerous Facebook users took a softer approach, advising the man to not be too money-minded when it comes to these kinds of matters

Though they did not entirely disagree with the confessor, one user sought to remind him about the true meaning of weddings, while being funny.

"What is the main point of a wedding feast? To share and enjoy with your family and friends, or to make money for your wedding party?" they asked rhetorically.

A couple of others stood up for the unknown guest who gave the RM20 ang pow, "Maybe that was all he had," said one person.

"It's not a problem, people have big hearts too," said another individual. "Maybe he gave you RM20, and a remainder RM30 he needed to use for his own expenditure," they continued.

One of the most fruitful comments of the bunch came from a person who reminded the husband about the true importance of marriage.

"The most crucial thing is that the two of you will grow old and be happy together. What is a red ang pow? Can you blame it on someone who is facing financial difficulties? I'm speaking on our current economic situation — everything is expensive, one's own wages may not be enough."

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