Bet You Didn't Know These 13 Things You Do Were Actually Saving The Planet

Because we only have one planet <3

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1. When you don't use plastic straws

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Plastic straws can only be used once and then they must be thrown away. You usually won't use them for more than an hour, yet it takes hundreds of years to break down a single plastic straw! Imagine how long it takes for these plastic straws to be cleared up when eight million tonnes of it are being dumped into our oceans every year.

So if you're one of those who prefer to drink directly from the cup, give yourself a pat on the shoulder because you're actually playing a part in saving the earth!

2. Using a stainless steel water bottle

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Some of your friends may joke about how mafan it is to be carrying a stainless steel water bottle everywhere you go. But hey, that's one less plastic bottle in an overflowing landfill, which takes up to 700 years to decompose!

Plus, it helps keep your water cool too.

3. When you buy pre-loved clothes instead of new ones

No, you're not a cheapo. You're just being environmentally friendly.

Shopping in flea markets and buying secondhand clothes actually increases the garment's lifespan. You alone can reduce five to ten percent of carbon and waste footprint if you use a pre-loved item for just three months.

4. When you remember to unplug electronic appliances that aren't in use

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Some may think that you're being paranoid because you keep unplugging the microwave after using it. But hey, it's not just about preventing short circuits and possible fires - it's about reducing carbon dioxide emission and energy saving.

5. You bring your own bag when you go shopping

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Being an 'aunty' or 'uncle' is worth it when you know that you're keeping at least five plastic bags away from crowding the landfills every time you go shopping.

Besides that, tote bags are totally trendy these days.

6. When you grow your own kebun

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You can save at least three things with your own mini vegetable farm: save money, save the environment, and save your health because you'll be consuming less pesticide-laced vegetables.

Most of the vegetables you get from the market would have produced some carbon emission when they're being transported to your neighbourhood for sale. So by planting your own veggies, you'll be helping to reduce carbon emissions.

7. When you plan what to eat each week

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Meal planning, basically. When you plan your meals for the whole week, you can avoid overbuying and wasting food.

We wasted 15,000 tonnes of food every day in 2016. And all these are turned into waste because we just dump them into the bin. That amount could have fed 11 million people three meals for a day, imagine that!

8. When you make it a point to go vegetarian for at least once a week

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Did you know that when you decide to go vegetarian for at least one day a week, you're actually helping to cut down carbon dioxide production, farm pollutants, and the destruction of rainforests?

Vegetarian banana leaf rice is actually really yummy. Try it!

9. When you use your own bekal to tapau food

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Think about it this way: if you were to get takeaway once a day, you'll be using at least seven polystyrene boxes, or seven plastic bags. By bringing your own tiffin box, you can help to minimise the production of these disposable containers which takes a really long time to decompose.

10. When you pass your own reusable coffee cup to the barista

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We know that plastic cups are bad for the environment, but paper cups aren't any better too. They may be recyclable, but they cost a lot more money - and even more carbon footprint - to be processed and recycled.

A reusable coffee cup may be pricey, but contribute to the fight to reduce waste and use of resources, as well as increase energy savings. On top of that, certain cafés provide discounts if you bring your own tumbler for takeaway coffee.

11. Taking the MRT or bus to work

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If you take the train, you'll agree that it's less stressful when driving, what with the traffic in the cities these days.

When you opt to take the train instead of driving to work, you reduce the amount of carbon emission that pollutes our air. Not to mention reducing the duration of others being stuck in traffic jams.

You, are the real MVP.

12. Better still, if you're one of those who cycle to work

You cycle to work? You must be so fit right now.

For the others who are lucky enough to live near their offices (as in, less than 5km away from your workplace), do consider doing so to cut down on air pollutants!

13. Taking time to separate your trash

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You may already be doing this but do you know why it's better to do so? It does more than just reducing the burden of the garbage collectors, it also cuts down the amount of trash that goes into the landfill.

By separating our trash, we keep the recyclables separate from those that could not be recycled. This prevents the recyclables from being contaminated by the other trash because once exposed to contamination, they will cease to be recyclable and will have to go to the many landfills we already have. There are about 2.2 billion tonnes of these every year.

Even if you do one of these things, you're actually playing a part in the larger scheme of making our world more sustainable!

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