Sofyank Is Opening Magic Portals In His Latest Viral Video. What's Going On?

Word has it, he's using his special 'magic tricks' to challenge a few other local celebrities. :O

Cover image via Toyota

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If you follow local content creator Sofyank on Instagram, you've probably seen some of his mind-boggling CGI effects

In one of his latest posts, he shows himself and his friends on a road with a green screen behind them, leaving fans wondering what his latest 'magic trick' would look like.

And now, we finally know what he's been up to!

Image via Toyota

In the video, Sofyank uses powers similar to Dr. Strange from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. When he discovers his friend, Amerul, has driven off in his car, Sofyank creates a portal to catch up with him, before giving him an out-of-the-body punch. Watch the full video here.

This video by Sofyank is just one of four videos submitted by local influencers for Toyota's #DareToChallenge campaign.

In this challenge, hosted by popular Malaysian actress Janna Nick, influencers have to convince viewers to own a Toyota Yaris in 60 seconds or less, woah!

Image via Toyota

Each of these influencers have their own unique style, personality, and specialty, which means they will all be taking a different approach to convince you to own a Toyota Yaris. So, which of them will be the most convincing?

Here's a closer look at each influencer and their videos:

1. Did the pregnant Bella Khann almost give birth in her car, if not for a special safety feature? :O

With 822k followers on Instagram and 1.24 million subscribers on YouTube, Bella Khan is known for her entertaining videos, whether it's trying out viral Shopee products or TikTok trends. She's also an entrepreneur running her own beauty, cosmetics, and personal care company, Bkdotmy.

Check out how she explains and demonstrates as many Toyota Yaris' safety features as she can in under 60 seconds. Watch the video here.

2. On the other hand, OkokokMou looks like she's having the time of her life in this aesthetic wonderland

Madeleine Ang, widely known as Okokokmou (Ok毛) by her loyal fans, has a wide following on social media, with over 283k followers on Instagram. In most of her photos, you'll see aesthetic photos of her modelling all kinds of different outfits, earning her the nickname 'The Fashionista'.

Join her Happy Picnic Day with Toyota Yaris as she shows how the hatchback car is the perfect companion for a fun day out with friends. Watch the video here.

3. Of course, Sofyank doesn't disappoint with his super CGI effects

Having gone viral for all his cool video editing skills and visual effects on YouTube, Sofyank now has over 493k subscribers, with millions of views on some of his cool videos. It's almost like magic the way he edits himself into popular movies and creates mind-bending videos.

Using his VFX magic, including a Dr Strange portal, Sofyank attempts to highlight the Toyota Yaris' safety features, alongside guest star Ameerul Affendi. Watch the video here.

4. But the tech savvy, multi-talented Cody Hong doesn't want to be outdone, showing off some cool editing and rap skills as well!

Cody Hong, better known online as CodyHongTV, is a Malaysian YouTuber known for his music, blogs, and lifestyle videos. The 26-year-old already has over a million subscribers on YouTube, and is active on social media platforms as an influencer, content creator, and entrepreneur.

In a musically inspired video, watch Cody Hong rap and showcase the Toyota Yaris' impressive technological features. Watch the video here.

To make things even more interesting, you can cast your vote on this microsite for the most convincing influencer and stand a chance to win exclusive Toyota merch, yasss!

Here's how to participate:

STEP 1: Head over to Toyota's microsite
STEP 2: Vote for the influencer with the most convincing #DareToChallenge video
STEP 3: If the influencer you voted for wins, you'll also stand to win amazing prizes!

Sporting a stylish exterior and classy interior, take a closer look at the Toyota Yaris and its range of awesome features

Image via Toyota

Firstly, you'll get to enjoy smooth driving thanks to its Dual VVT-i Engine and Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) with 7-Speed Sport Sequential Shiftmatic. To save petrol, you can go with the eco drive mode; for days when you want a better engine and throttle response, you can opt for the sports drive mode.

Besides that, the Toyota Yaris comes with 60:40 folding seats and ample legroom, offering you space and comfort. The interior of the car is also packed with features, from a wireless charger and USB charging ports, to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity.

It is also equipped with the latest technology, such as the Vehicle Telematics System (VTS) app and Toyota's 3D Panoramic View Monitor, which is great for when you need to park into tight spaces.

The car is also fitted with active features of Toyota Safety Sense, as well as passive safety features:
- Pre-Collision System (Toyota Safety Sense)
- Lane Departure Alert (Toyota Safety Sense)
- 3D Panoramic View Monitor (PVM)
- Blind Spot Monitor with Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA)
- Hill-Start Assist Control
- 7 SRS Airbags
- Frontal Digital Video Recorder

Find out more about the Toyota Yaris and #DareToChallenge campaign today

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