Delivery Drivers Can Enjoy Free Water And Drinks At This Vending Machine In KL

The vending machine will be open 24/7 too!

Cover image via Lumi News (Provided to SAYS) & S P Setia

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To better serve delivery riders, Lumi News will be giving out free water and healthy drinks at INC KL Eco City all day long

In case you didn't know, Lumi News is one of Malaysia's top news apps which gathers articles and videos from over 70 credible news sites, making it convenient for Malaysians to know what's happening around them all in one app.

In line with their efforts to give back to our everyday community heroes, they have collaborated with INC KL Eco City and Vechnology to strategically place a vending machine that dispenses water bottles and refreshing drinks for beloved delivery drivers, from now until 20 August.

The vending machine is placed at a key transit point at INC KL Eco City, where delivery drivers usually pick up and drop off meals for customers

With the recent heatwave in Klang Valley, the involved parties hope to offer convenience to delivery drivers whilst they are on the job, providing flexibility to redeem a free drink in between completing orders.

Since the vending machine will be available 24/7, early bird riders can get hold of a drink before the convenience stores around the area open.

Since the pandemic, our sense of appreciation for those who make our lives more convenient has grown, especially for all the abang and kakak delivery

This is evident as we've seen and heard various stories of Malaysians expressing their appreciation and gratitude towards these local community heroes during the Movement Control Orders (MCO) in 2020 and 2021.

Growth Marketing Manager of Lumi News, Fildzah Zulkifli said, "For the past few years, our community of delivery riders has been the heart of every Malaysian community and we are committed to supporting them as they persevere to reap the fruits of their labour.

"These free drinks are one of our ways of empowering them with basic resources to hopefully make their lives a little easier, especially in these rough weather conditions.

"Together with our brand partners, we hope to continue encouraging riders that their jobs matter, and by doing so, empower them to become an enabler of positive social impact, she added. 

Since KL Eco City is rapidly developing into a retail and lifestyle hub, many delivery riders would surely drop by to make deliveries

Image via S P Setia

INC is located at the heart of KL Eco City and incorporates the value of "Live, Learn, Work, Play", where there is the right mix of food, fitness, interest, leisure, wellbeing, and business in one place, catering to the needs of the community.

Divisional General Manager of S P Setia, Siow Chung said, "We saw many Malaysians talking about becoming delivery riders amongst other gig roles to sustain the rising cost of living. Knowing that there is often a crowd of riders within the KL Eco City vicinity to pick up or drop off meals to customers, launching this CSR initiative just seemed natural."

Lumi News and the involved parties hope to bring convenience to our fellow abang and kakak delivery through their CSR initiative.

Find out more information about Lumi News here.

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