Win Up To RM64 Every Single Time You Use MAE In Celebration Of Hari Kebangsaan

Just spend with MAE or participate in the weekly social media contest to win cash prizes and more!

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This Spotlight is sponsored by Maybank.

This year, we celebrate our 64th Hari Kebangsaan, woohoo!!

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As a kid, we'd always look forward to 31 August. Not only was it a public holiday, we'd get to watch the parade on TV, run around the neighbourhood with our little Jalur Gemilang flags, and have all those patriotic songs stuck in our head for days, hehe.

And remember how we used to celebrate back in school? From donning our cultural and diverse outfits, to decorating our classrooms to compete against the other classes, it really was a sight to behold. So many happy memories of the good ol' days :D

In honour of Hari Kebangsaan, Maybank is giving you cash prizes and vouchers worth up to RM64 every time you transact with MAE, wahhh!

From 23 August to 30 September, every time you make a minimum transaction of RM30 with the MAE app, you can win up to RM64 in cash prizes and vouchers. FYI, even if you're not a Maybank user, you can still participate! You can easily download this e-wallet app, and sign up for a MAE account for free. :D

Once you have the MAE app, you can do things such as paying your bills, reloading your mobile, using the Scan & Pay feature via the MAE app, and more. Basically, the more you use the MAE app, the more prizes you'll win!

Here’s the catch - your love for Malaysia will be put to the test through a mini-game known as Arcade MAE-mory!


Win up to RM64 cash or vouchers every time you transact.#MAEmoriesofMalaysia #ItsGottaBeMAE

original sound - Maybank

That’s right, you'll earn chances to play the Arcade MAE-mory game to win cash prizes or vouchers when you use the MAE app. This mini-game is available in the MAE app, and it will test your sorting skills for iconic Malaysian items and reward you when you earn more than 100 points. Oh, and don't forget to update your MAE app to the latest version from the Google Play Store or App Store before playing Arcade MAE-mory. ;)

Aside from winning up to RM64 in cash prizes, there are so many vouchers up for grabs from partners like MR. DIY, Caring Pharmacy, iDOtshirt, Purple Cane, and Hermo!

Here's how you can keep earning chances to play Arcade MAE-mory:

1. You can gain four chances by:
- Paying your bills via JomPAY

2. You can gain two chances by:
- Reloading your mobile phone (minimum RM50)
- Reloading Hotlink (minimum RM30)
- Transferring via DuitNow
- Applying for a MAE card, and more!

3. You can gain one chance by:
- Paying your bills
- Transferring to your ASNB account
- Transferring via FPX
- Using Scan & Pay, and more!

The more chances you earn, the more opportunities you'll have to win yourself cash prizes and vouchers, yay! Click here to find out more about Arcade MAE-mory.

On top of winning amazing rewards from playing the game, you'll even get up to RM64 cashback every day via Scan & Pay. With over 250,000 participating outlets and DuitNow QR merchants, you'll be able to utilise the Scan & Pay feature when you make cashless payments for buying groceries, basic essentials, and even purchasing a cup of coffee!

All these exciting activities are part of Maybank's MAE-mories of Malaysia campaign, and this includes their upcoming weekly social media contests :D

It's all about reliving those nostalgic memories we used to have back when we were younger :') It feels good to look back on our lives and appreciate those good times we had with our family and friends.

From 23 August to 30 September, you could be one of the lucky 15 weekly winners to win RM250 cash in your MAE account! The weekly contests will be hosted on Maybank's official social media accounts, so check out Maybank's Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages for more details.

Here's how you can win:
Step 1: Be sure to have a MAE account, as the RM250 cash prize will be deposited in your account if you win (you can still sign up for one in the MAE app even if you're not a Maybank user)
Step 2: Comment the right answer and tag at least three friends
Step 3: Keep an eye on Maybank's social media pages to see if you have been announced as one of the lucky winners :D

Thanks to the conveniences of the all-new MAE app, you can still participate in MAE-mories of Malaysia even as a non-Maybank user

Image via SAYS

All you have to do is download the app, sign up for a MAE account, and you can take part in all the fun! Since MAE is an e-wallet, you can enjoy all the rewards and online banking functions it has to offer, even if you don't have a Maybank account.

Aside from enjoying MAE-mories of Malaysia, you can continue using the MAE e-wallet to go cashless, and enjoy all the other promos Maybank has to offer. With exciting new features such as Expense Tracker and Makan Mana wheel, you can sort out your spendings, savings, and even cravings by enjoying the deals and promotions available in the MAE app.

Head over to Maybank's website for more deets about MAE-mories of Malaysia

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