[VIDEO] SAYS Vs OhBulan! Who Can Cook The Best MAGGI Mee Goreng?

Confirm hungry after watching this.

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We recently heard that Maggi is looking for a Raja or Ratu Mi Maggi Goreng Malaysia! So, we put decided to put on a cooking competition to show off our kitchen skills.

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But before that, we needed to lay down a few ground rules:

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  • Each team will have one professional cook and one amateur cook
  • Each team must use one protein and one vegetable in their dish
  • Each team will take turns to cook their #MAGGIgorengmystail in 15 minutes

As the competition began, the Oh Bulan! team showed off some skills, bringing out special ingredients to spice up their MAGGI Mee Goreng

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On the other side, the SAYS team was busy figuring out how to break their egg into their dish

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Here's a look at their final results. YUMMM!!!

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Wondering who made the better MAGGI Mee Goreng? Watch the full video to find out!

Whether you like it fried, spicy, or with gravy, it's undeniable that MAGGI Mee Goreng is a Malaysian favourite!

MAGGI recently ran a contest to find Malaysia's best MAGGI Mee Goreng recipe. Stay tuned to their website to find out the winners and their winning recipes!

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