Enjoy Up To 35% Off Flight Fares And More With Malaysia Airlines' MATTA Fair Promos

Some of these discounts are valid for both domestic and international destinations, yay!

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As the borders open up and governments ease on travel restrictions, we're sure all of you can't wait to go jalan-jalan, kan?

After staying in for close to two years, we think everyone deserves a little break, and going on a relaxing holiday should do just the trick. From lazing around on sand dunes overlooking azure waters to backpacking in a foreign city, a retreat sounds like heaven. Go ahead and treat yourself, but remember to always adhere to SOPs!

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The awesome news is that Malaysia Airlines is rolling out some really cool MATTA Fair deals that you should check out from now until 28 November

They've got loads of discounts up for grabs, and we gerenti that you'll be able to enjoy great savings with your purchase. That way, you'll be able to get more value for your money, yay. Additionally, all of Malaysia Airlines' staff are fully vaccinated, so you'll have some peace of mind while travelling.

The travel period is from 19 November 2021 to 30 June 2022, so you can plan a vacay in advance while enjoying cheaper prices on your holiday packages. Also, some of these deals are available for both domestic and international travel destinations. (; Cun lah! 

Check out some of the deals Malaysia Airlines has in store for you:

1. Enjoy up to 35% off on selected international and local travel destinations

Phuket, Thailand

Image via @andreszejsuwara (Unsplash)

Wanna know how you can score an all-in return flight to Singapore for just RM579, or explore more of Malaysia with one-way ticket prices starting from as low as RM79? Just make your purchase through Malaysia Airlines' MATTA Fair deal, and you can enjoy up to 35% worth of discounts on your flight fare to these destinations:

Local destinations
- Peninsular Malaysia
- Sabah
- Sarawak

International destinations
- London, England
- Sydney, Australia
- Melbourne, Australia 
- Kathmandu, Nepal
- Colombo, Sri Lanka
- Singapore
- Phuket, Thailand
- Bali, Indonesia
- Jakarta, Indonesia
- Bangkok, Thailand

2. Want to upgrade to Business Class? Join this contest and you might just get lucky. :D

What could be more enjoyable than travelling? Travelling in style, that's what! If you wanna fly business class, just try your hand at this contest, and you might just receive a free upgrade. Easy peasy. (:

Here's what you gotta do:
1. Purchase a Malaysia Airlines flight ticket during MATTA Fair between 19 to 28 November 2021.​
2. Include your booking details and complete the slogan in the form here.​

3. Are you an Enrich member? You can now earn 50% Bonus Enrich Points!

If you're a frequent flyer with Malaysia Airlines, then you're probably an Enrich member. Just purchase a flight ticket during the MATTA Fair promo, and you'll be able to enjoy 50% Bonus Enrich Points.

Enrich Points can be redeemed for a variety of experiences, including flights, seat upgrades, retail items, access to Malaysia Airlines Golden Lounges, hotel stays, restaurants, and more. Super worth it!

Not a member yet? Register here to become an Enrich member and start collecting points today.

4. Get 20% off your seat selection and baggage allowance if you're travelling within Malaysia

It's pretty common to opt for extra baggage allowance when you're travelling (because of all the souvenirs that you're bound to lug around), but did you know that you can enjoy a 20% discount on baggage allowance when you purchase a flight with Malaysia Airlines? Wah, can shop till you drop already!

Besides that, you'll also be able to choose your own seat at a 20% discount as well. That way, you'll be able to select where you'd like to sit, depending on your level of comfort. <3 Click here for more info.

Promo only available for those who are travelling locally.

5. Travelling locally? You can enjoy more savings on selected services with your Malaysia Airlines boarding pass.

Thanks to Malaysia Airlines' special boarding pass benefits, you can now enjoy extra discounts on hotels, spas, food and beverages, and even when you shop, with selected participating merchants. 

This deal is exclusive to select outlets both inside and outside the airport, so you can save more money while you explore our beautiful Malaysia. <3 Check out the list of participating merchants and deals here.

6. Looking for holiday packages? Get 50% off when you buy one with MHholidays.

Image via Agoda

It's undeniable that holidays are the best, but what's better is hassle-free holidays that aren't so hard on your wallet. With MHholidays, you can save up to 50% of the total price when you book a flight and hotel together as a package. Other benefits you'll receive under this promo are 40kg baggage allowance, onboard meals, free flight selection, and Enrich points.

That's not all! You can also enjoy exclusive deals like room upgrades, early check-in's and late check-out's when you stay at selected partnering hotels. Check this website out for more deets.

Promo only available for those who are travelling locally.

Planning your vacay already? Don't forget to snag these awesome deals from Malaysia Airlines' MATTA Fair promo to enjoy more savings!

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