This Company Helps Young M'sians Embrace Adulthood With Easy & Affordable Insurance Plans

Young adults can easily get a suitable insurance plan from just RM7.60 per month.

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This Spotlight is sponsored by Gibraltar BSN Life Berhad.

If you're taking your first steps into adulthood, one thing that's easy to overlook but important to have is a solid insurance plan

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Getting your first job, taking on new responsibilities, and gaining financial independence are all exciting prospects, but it certainly can get overwhelming.

Plus, the current worldwide situation doesn't make things any easier as well. Other concerning factors include not having enough savings or insurance protection, causing you to be vulnerable to the financial impact following an unfortunate event. Ahh, adulting can be hard. :')

This is why Gibraltar BSN Life Berhad (Gibraltar BSN) wants to support young adults in Malaysia through simple and affordable insurance plans that provide a financial safety net for when the going gets tough

Gibraltar BSN has been offering relevant and accessible protection solutions for over 60 years now, besides being one of Malaysia's fastest growing life insurance companies.

The name Gibraltar BSN actually represents the company's lineage to Prudential Financial, Inc.* (PFI), one of the largest financial institutions in the United States, and Bank Simpanan Nasional, an iconic brand every Malaysian knows with its own rich history and financial heritage in Malaysia.

*Prudential Financial, Inc. of the United States is not affiliated in any manner with Prudential plc, a company incorporated in the United Kingdom.

Through i2u, Gibraltar BSN's e-commerce platform, you can easily purchase affordable insurance plans and receive coverage in less time than it takes you to finish a cup of coffee

Just select and pay for your preferred plan online, all from the comfort of your own home. You can expect your policy to be delivered instantly through email too. Convenient, huh? :D

Here are the plans you can choose from:

i-Protect and i-Protect Plus
Type: Critical illness coverage
From RM7.60 a month*

You can expect your basic needs and bills from critical illnesses covered when you opt for this plan. A lump sum will be payable to reduce your financial burden upon diagnosis of up to five critical illnesses. The plan covers cancer, stroke, heart attack, coronary artery by-pass surgery, and kidney failure.

2. i-Care
Type: Protection for death and total & permanent disability
Price: From RM9.75 a month*

In the event of death, your loved ones can receive financial support of up to RM500,000, while a lump sum will be payable to reduce your financial burden should you experience total and permanent disability. An additional lump sum payment will be made to your family as well, if accidental death occurs.

3. i-Med

Type: Affordable medical coverage
Price: From RM41.85 per month*

With an annual limit of RM90,000, you'll have your hospitalisation and medical bills covered under the premium you pay. This plan provides cashless and hassle-free admission into most major hospitals and medical centres. 

*Terms & conditions apply

Psst, want to hear some good news? From now until 31 December, you'll stand a chance of winning an Apple Watch or GrabFood vouchers worth RM50 when you purchase a plan on i2u. :D

The life insurer wants to reward customers who sign up for a plan on i2u, which is why it will be giving away 10 units of Apple Watch and 150 vouchers of GrabFood worth RM50 each, yay!

To spread the message on how insurance can help you gain a strong foothold into adulthood, Gibraltar BSN recently launched the Welcome to Adulthood campaign, comprising two videos — Jasa and Independence. These videos were inspired by true events of young adults taking their first step towards being independent.

Watch Jasa here:

Watch Independence here:

All in all, it's always a good idea to have insurance, even at a young age

Accidents or illnesses can strike at any age, and it's also important to sign up for one from a young age as your monthly premiums will be lower. As you get older, you can review your insurance coverage to ensure that it meets your lifestyle needs.

Gibraltar BSN also supports auto-credit for billing, so you will not need to worry about manually paying your premiums every month. ;)

So, whatchu waiting for? Make sure to research what plan suits your needs, and Gibraltar BSN can have the rest sorted.

For more info, visit Gibraltar BSN's website.

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