You Can Self-Diagnose And Troubleshoot Your Internet Connection With The myunifi App

Plus, collect points with every ringgit you spend via the app to redeem awesome deals!

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In 2019, unifi launched myunifi, their all-in-one mobile application that consolidates many useful features for their customers

Now, it's much easier to manage your unifi accounts, from paying bills to upgrading to the latest plans available. Plus, the app comes with technical features to help you enjoy better connection all the time. Be it for unifi Home or Mobile, the telco app acts as a one-stop centre for you to carry out these services in an efficient manner.

Here are the some of the cool features on the myunifi app and how to use them:

1. Receive push notifications via myunifi about any incoming service disruptions or downtime

unifi has recently enhanced their services by sending push notifications regarding service disruption They will proactively detect the problem, inform unifi customers, and restore any unifi internet service downtime. This means you'll be well prepared and informed ahead of time. :D

2. EasyFix is a handy feature in the app that provides support via Smart Diagnosis, as well as tips and tricks to help you resolve issues on your own

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You can use Smart Diagnosis to help you identify and solve problems if you're experiencing issues with your internet connection. The self-troubleshooting tool will also recommend solutions to optimise your unifi connection.

Having trouble with your WiFi router? The unifi Physical Setup feature provides clear diagrams of how the setup should look like, with specific instructions in connecting the cables accordingly. With the illustrations, you can use them as a guideline to check your physical connection.

Besides that, there are useful options like 'Internet Connection Troubleshooting', 'WiFi Troubleshooting', and 'Telephony Troubleshooting' to help resolve any issues you face. If it persists, you will be directed to the Live Chat, for more assistance.

What's more, you can even use these services when you're visiting a friend or loved one who also uses unifi.

3. You can test your download and upload speeds with TM's Speed Test

Curious what your internet speed is? TM's Speedtest allows you to test your download and upload speeds, and is easily accessible via myunifi. Fast download and upload speeds are always a good sign, especially if you're using the internet for video calls, gaming, streaming, or browsing through social media.

Aside from these technical features, you can manage your internet plan subscriptions and payment deets on myunifi too, yay!

With myunifi, here are the other features you can enjoy:

- Schedule your installation appointment and track the progress
- Hassle-free payments for all your unifi bills and easy subscription for unifi services
- Track your usage and upgrade your unifi plans
- Earn reward points for every ringgit you spend, so you can claim amazing rewards
- Live chat with unifi's agents
- Interact with the unifi community

With all these services provided, managing your unifi internet plans will be a breeze. Getting the support you need right at your fingertips will help you enjoy a seamless internet experience.

What are you waiting for? Download the myunifi app now at Google Play or the App Store! You can find out more about myunifi at their website.

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