Refer A Friend To Sign Up For MAE And You Both Will Walk Away With RM10 Each

You don't have to be a Maybank user to reap the rewards!

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Tracking your savings, expenses, and account balance has never been easier with MAE by Maybank2u

From keeping tabs on your daily transactions, to making online transfers such as paying your bills or reloading your mobile, this app offers the full digital banking experience directly from your smartphone. This means you can carry out banking functions from the safety and comfort of your own home, without the hassle of heading to the bank frequently.

And that is just the tip of the iceberg. MAE is so much more than just a regular old banking app, as it is equipped with convenient lifestyle features to manage your finances better.

Here's a look at some of the features that'll make your everyday tasks so much easier:

1. Aside from helping you tracking your expenses, MAE takes it a step further by categorising your expenditure accordingly

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You don't need to manually key in your expenses in an excel sheet anymore, as the Expenses feature has got you covered. It can automatically detect what you're spending on, and even calculate your average daily spending each month. 

2. Worried about splitting the bill with your friends? MAE will do the calculation for you.

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Whether you choose split the bill evenly or go Dutch, MAE will calculate it accurately, which means you don't have to trouble yourself by doing math after your lunch date. :P All you have to do is add in your friends, and MAE will do the rest.

3. With the Tabung feature, saving money will become a breeze

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You can set your goals and create multiple savings with Tabung, whether individually or with your friends. There are also various categories for you to choose and save, from shopping sprees to travelling. If you're planning to travel soon, you and your travel buddies can start contributing together to a single Tabung, so that all of you can be financially ready before your trip!

With functions to help you track your expenses, split the bill amongst your friends, and help you plan your savings, It's clear to see how well MAE can be used in your daily life. Aside from enjoying the conveniences MAE has to offer, you'll have the opportunity to take part in exclusive deals and seasonal rewards, such as discounts and cash prizes!

From 18 to 31 October 2021, you and your friends will be rewarded with RM10 each when they download the MAE app and sign up using your referral code!

This isn't just a one-time thing. The more friends you refer to sign up for MAE using your referral code, the more cash rewards you'll receive! With every successful referral, both you and your friend will instantly get RM10 credited into your MAE accounts respectively.

So, if your family and friends haven't downloaded the MAE app yet, it's the perfect time to have them sign up with your referral code. Even if they aren't Maybank users, no worries! It only takes a few minutes to create a MAE account after downloading the app, all without the hassle of heading to any Maybank branch. All the perks the app has to offer is right at your fingertips.

It's so simple to refer your family and friends to MAE. Here's how you can do it:

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Here's how you can find your referral code:
Simply tap your profile picture at the top left of your MAE homepage
Tap on 'Referral code' listed under your email address
To share your referral code with your friends, tap 'Refer Now'

Image via Maybank

If you've been referred to MAE by a friend, here's how to apply their referral code:

STEP 1: From the app, choose the 'Existing MAE / Maybank2u user' option. If you are a non-Maybank user, choose 'Apply for MAE'

STEP 2: Link your Maybank2u ID and provide the relevant details. For non-Maybank users, you only need to provide the relevant details requested in the app.

STEP 3: Key in your friend's referral code so you both will be rewarded with RM10 each

STEP 4: Once you've successfully set up your MAE account, you will be given a unique referral code to share with your friends, so you can continue receiving RM10 each time they sign up with your referral code!

Psst, did we mention that you'll also stand to win monthly prizes when you continue to use your MAE app after signing up? :O

Once you've signed up for MAE, you'll be able to win monthly prizes, such as a Proton X70, Proton X50, gadgets, and cash prizes up to RM1,000, woohoo!

All you have to do is make contactless payments, such as using the Scan & Pay feature or making online transfers, and you'll earn chances to get your hands on these amazing rewards.

Ready to start referring MAE to your loved ones? Download the MAE app from Google Play or the App Store to get your unique referral code now! Find out more about MAE at their website.

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