This Cool Jump Rope Challenge Is Rewarding Malaysians Who Can Skip 500 Times Or More

Anyone can join and win prizes like an iPhone 12 or RM200 Grab vouchers!

Cover image via @kit_mah (Instagram) & @leeyvonnez (Instagram)

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This Spotlight is sponsored by Sime Darby Property.

One of the hottest fitness trends in 2021 has to be jump rope! :D

If you've been on Instagram or TikTok, you've probably seen skipping videos or your favourite influencers joining the latest jumping trends.

In celebration of Sime Darby Property's latest launch in Serenia City, they're holding a Jump For Happiness challenge, woohoo!

Whether you're a pro at jumping rope or just getting started, you can join the Jump For Happiness challenge in conjunction with the Serenia Aiora launch in Serenia City to win all kinds of amazing prizes.

Here's everything you need to know about the challenge:

1. You can join for free and participate anytime, anywhere!

A look at virtual jump rope apps like Jumpr.

Image via Smartmockups (Edited by SAYS), Jumpr

The great thing about jumping rope is that you can do it wherever you are. In fact, there are even virtual jump rope apps like Jumpr that use your phone's camera to capture your body, so you can start skipping without even using a skipping rope.

Jumping rope quickly gets your heart rate up, which makes it one of the most efficient forms of cardio if you're pressed for time. According to a calories burned calculator, you can burn 200 to 300 calories in just 15 minutes by jumping rope. Besides that, this workout also helps you improve your coordination skills, heart health, bone density, and reduce injury risk.

So, start jumping and sweat all those worries away! :D

2. Reach a total of 500 jumps or more to win awesome lucky draw prizes

Here's a look at all the prizes up for grabs:
- RM200 Grab vouchers
- JBL Wireless Sports Headphone
- FitBit Watch
- iPhone 12

3. Join the Main Challenge to get prizes for your next home

Image via Serenia Aiora

If you're feeling a little more ambitious, try to hit 1,000 jumps or even 1,500 jumps, and you just may receive an exclusive invite for Serenia Aiora's pre-launch event, yasss. :D

Psst... you might even get rebates for the unit too!

4. For those kiasu fitness enthusiasts, it's time for you to shine with the Mini Challenge

Go all out and show your competitive spirit by jumping the fastest or completing the most reps. At the end of the challenge period, the top 10 fastest jumpers and top 10 jumpers with the highest jump counts will be rewarded, woohoo!

5. Here's how to join the Jump For Happiness challenge:

STEP 1: Register your personal information on their website

STEP 2: Receive a confirmation email within 24 hours 

STEP 3: Start jumping anytime, anywhere with skipping apps like YaoYao or Jumpr from 16 September to 16 October

STEP 4: Screenshot the results from your skipping app and submit it with your ticket number and total jump count on Serenia Aiora's landing page

STEP 5: Post the most Insta-worthy shot of you jumping on Facebook or Instagram with the ticket number in the caption, along with these hashtags: #SereniaCity #SereniaAiora #JumpForHappiness #SimeDarbyProperty. This will qualify you for the lucky draw. Remember to set your profile to public.

STEP 6: Monitor your jump contributions on Serenia Aiora's landing page and win amazing prizes

Ready to get fit and win amazing prizes? Start jumping and join the Jump For Happiness challenge today!

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