This Family From Perlis Has A Passion For Pro Jump Rope Skipping & It's Pretty Awesome

In 2018, three of the siblings made it to the quarter finals of 'Asia's Got Talent'.

Cover image via @firdausrasidd (TikTok)

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I'm sure a lot of us think of jump rope skipping as a random activity we pick up once in a while when we feel like getting fit or if we want to feel nostalgic about 'simpler times' during our childhood

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For one particular family in Perlis, jump rope skipping is their everything

SAYS managed to talk to Firdaus Rasid, the eldest of his siblings.

One of his TikTok videos recently went viral where he showed off his family and their skills.

A user asked him, "Do you literally mean your whole family plays jump rope?"

"Yes, I'll prove it," Firdaus replied.

Firdaus told SAYS that with an athletic dad who has a passion for all things sports-related, the kids of the family have been trained to skip since they were four years old

"My siblings and I started getting familiar with the professional jump rope skipping industry since we were about four. We were trained by our father who is an athlete, a sports coach, and he was previously the judge for a national jump rope skipping competition," Firdaus shared.

He is currently working full time with the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) but is also a freelance jump rope skipping coach on the side.

Firdaus Rasid.

Image via Firdaus Rasid (Provided to SAYS)

They've been involved in many competitions and shows.

In 2018, three of the siblings went on to compete in Asia's Got Talent.

However, they only managed to reach the quarterfinals.

In 2004, the same trio went on to represent Malaysia in the Asia Rope Skipping Championship in Bangkok, Thailand and they came back with eight gold medals.

Firdaus added that nowadays, they're more focused on performing at shows and posting online content

Instagram and TikTok are his favourite platforms to show off killer stunts like doing backflips mid-air while also giving tips to beginners who'd like to take their jump rope skills to another level.

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