This Guy Who Shed 81KG In A Year Leaves Internet Amazed With The Result

He swapped to cleaner eating habits and walked one to two hours a day.

Cover image via Nes Chedtragull (Facebook)

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Feeling uninspired to exercise? Here's some motivation! A guy from Thailand recently shared his weight loss journey in one year and the results are pretty amazing.

On 6 June, Nes Chedtragull went viral in a public fitness Facebook group after explaining how he went from 156kg to 75kg.

In several other Facebook posts, he showed clothes he used to wear that are now twice his current size

Having always been an obese kid, Nes wanted to inspire others and revealed that he dropped a whopping 81kg by swapping to cleaner eating habits, walking one to two hours a day, and eventually cycling as well

Nes at 19 years old.

Image via Nes Chedtragull (Facebook)

According to AsiaOne, between August 2019 and July 2020, Nes cut out most of the food he enjoyed eating, including fried food, milk tea, sugary snacks, and desserts. 

Instead, he eats 'cleaner' meals, such as this 300g of minced chicken breast with basil leaves and 150g of steamed rice.

Although he has since stopped the strict weight loss regime, Nes continues to exercise and eats well to maintain his physique.

In a Facebook post, he encourages others to pick a weight loss method that suits them, whether it's swimming, cycling, walking, running, or going to the gym.

"Food is one of the main factors that determines your health. And being physically healthy is very important," he adds.

Nes' inspiring weight loss journey made headlines in Thailand all week, as many have applauded his hard work and some even tagged their friends to encourage each other

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

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