Hensem 49-Year-Old Malaysian Uncle Goes Viral For Showing How To Stay Fit And Healthy

Suddenly motivated to work out.

Cover image via @steveylc (TikTok)

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49-year-old Steve Yap has been leaving quite an impression on the Internet lately with his recent videos on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle

The Malaysian model and actor's first TikTok to take off earlier this year shows how he had learnt to use nunchucks during the Movement Control Order (MCO).

His videos have attracted many thirsty comments, which Yap has laughed off:

Other than admiring his good looks, many have asked how the 49-year-old is able to look so fit.

Yap then began sharing videos of his workout routine and tips on how he maintains his physique.

Some of his main advice is to cut down on sugar, reduce carbs, and avoid soft drinks like Coca-Cola and Pepsi. 

"Sirap bandung sedap. Uncle tahu," he admits, adding that, however, if you want to keep a fit body, sugar is the main thing to start cutting down.


My daily workout routine is how many excersise u can spot?#staystrongstayhealthy #hiit

original sound - Steve Yap - Steve Yap

"Roti canai and nasi lemak is yummy too. I, too, love these food. You can enjoy it, as long as you exercise to burn it off." However, he adds that sugar in soft drinks is a deal-breaker, as half a can of the drink is usually all sugar. 

In one of his videos, someone commented that they love coffee, so trying to reduce sugar has always felt like a 'yo-yo' experience for them. Yap then suggested to ask for kurang manis (less sweet) or to swap to kopi O or kopi C kosong instead.

"If uncle boleh buat, you pun boleh," he encourages.

In one video, Yap says that he lives by this motto, "Don't be afraid to get old but don't forget to live young"

He first began his career as a model and a talent in TV commercials and print advertisements. Yap eventually delved into acting and has appeared in Paskal: The Movie, One Last Dance, and Special Female Force.

Image via IMDb

With the pandemic and MCO, his acting career has been put on hold for now, which has allowed him to post more on TikTok, he shares. Yap has since garnered over 17,700 followers on the platform.

Here's another uncle on TikTok who recently caught everyone's attention with his cool dance moves:

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