Pak Cik Gains Over 10,000 Followers On TikTok Thanks To His Epic Shuffling Moves

He also shares dance tutorials.

Cover image via @unclewee123 (TikTok)

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They say, 'Age is just a state of mind,' and this uncle proves it

Known as Uncle Wee on TikTok, the rising star posts videos of himself, shuffling and dancing without a care in the world. 

As of last year, he has since accumulated over 10,100 followers on the platform.

Although most of his TikTok videos appear to be recorded at home, some of them show him shuffling at several spots around Penang

On his TikTok, Uncle Wee also posts shuffling tutorials and dance moves he does with friends

Nothing can stop him. After his vaccination, he did some mild exercise to get his shuffling game back on.

Cleaning the house is no chore for Uncle Wee either, as he shuffles his way through

Malaysians have been loving his videos. One person commented, "He dances better than me."

Uncle Wee encouraged her in his reply, "We shuffle for our own happiness instead of compare. Keep it up gal!"

Continue dancing through life, Uncle Wee! May you never lose your spark. :D

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