McDonald's Malaysia Promises To Restock The Durian McFlurry Next Year

Guess we'll have to settle for other desserts in the meantime. :(

Cover image via McDonald's

Malaysians waited eagerly for McDonald's to bring the creamy, mouthwatering D24 Durian McFlurry to all its outlets

They loved it and they couldn't get enough of this durian goodness ever since it was officially made available on 24 August

There were so many good reviews and everyone was raving about how the dessert contained actual D24 durian pulp

It was so delicious that even non-durian fans loved it!

And you know the Durian McFlurry craze is real when the sweet treat has sold out in less than a week!

Image via McDonald's

And here's the good news: McDonald's Malaysia has promised that it will bring the Durian McFlurry back, but fans will have to wait until next year.

"Thank you for your overwhelming support for the D24 Durian McFlurry. Because of everyone's love of durians, we sold five times more than anticipated."

"As the product is made from real D24 Durian fruits, we won’t be able to get any extra stocks this year. However, we promise to bring it back in 2018," read the statement on McDonald's Facebook page.

Fans who love it will definitely miss this but at least we know for sure that this would not be the last time we eat it.

Hopefully more people will get to enjoy the Durian McFlurry the next time it's available. We're quite confident that this will be worth the wait!

If you really can't wait, here's an idea of how you can DIY. :p

Image via Makan Murah Je

Why not try these durian-inspired desserts in the meantime?

Meanwhile, this rich chocolate pie by McDonald's is winning hearts worldwide:

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