OMG, We Can't Stop Drooling At McDonald's New Molten Chocolate Pie!

Look at the chocolate flowing out of the pie...!

Cover image via pigbossgo Facebook / Instagram @sunyongmong

We're having major chocolate envy right now! McDonald's recently introduced the Rich Chocolate Pie and it looks absolutely SINFUL.

Ensconced in a flaky, chocolate-brown pastry crust, the Rich Chocolate Pie is filled with generous amounts of molten, piping hot chocolate custard. Just writing about it is making me drool tbh.

A slightly different variation is also currently available in New Zealand for a limited time only, with a golden brown crust. It was previously introduced in Hong Kong late last year.

Having just made its debut on Monday, 14 August, the delectable chocolate treat is already making waves on social media. Videos of the pie being snapped in half, with the chocolate slooowly oozing out, are especially tempting:

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OMG just look at all that chocolaaaaaate...!!! <3 *drools*

Unfortunately for us, the delectable chocolate treat is only available in South Korea. :(

If you find yourself visiting the country any time soon, here's one thing to add to your itinerary! The Rich Chocolate Pie is priced at 1,500 won (RM5.64).

Please get on it, McDonald's Malaysia! After all, we've kinda been missing out on a lot of awesome specials later:

On the plus side, local burger joint myBurgerLab took on the Nasi Lemak Burger and generated quite a lot of hype for it:

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