MyBurgerLab Threw Some Pretty Epic Shade At People Who Hated On Their Nasi Lemak Burger

*eats popcorn*

Cover image via myBurgerLab Facebook

Nasi lemak burgers were all everyone could talk about after McDonald's Singapore unveiled its take on the well-loved dish a few weeks ago

To be fair, it looks really good and we're a little jelly we don't have the Nasi Lemak Burger in Malaysia. :p

Well, the wait is over, Malaysians! In conjunction with Hari Merdeka, myBurgerLab announced that they will be serving their version of the nasi lemak-inspired burger... complete with a gorgeous, runny telur mata kerbau. <3

"Our Malaysian fans have spoken and we have been nominated (more like tagged to death) to make a 'proper' Nasi Lemak Burger (konon la)," the local burger joint wrote in a Facebook post.

Called the Nasi Lemak Ayam Rendang burger, myBurgerLab's version features a juicy chicken thigh patty layered over peanut butter and pickled Japanese cucumbers, topped with rendang sauce (for a coconut-y flavour) and sambal as well as some ikan bilis and sunny side up egg. The burger will be making its debut this Friday, 4 August.

Little did they know that their tribute to the nasi lemak burger was about to spark some intense drama on social media, especially after myBurgerLab posted this cheeky tweet:

Shortly after the tweet was posted, a Singaporean news portal picked it up... and consequently triggered a flurry of heated comments from (mostly) Singaporeans

However, there were also some who poked fun at the hoo-ha "salty Singaporeans" are making over how myBurgerLab is unabashedly marketing their new burger

Image via Twitter
Image via Facebook

What does myBurgerLab have to say about this?
True to their outspoken social media presence, the burger joint is taking all the criticism in stride and even took the time to reply to some of the vicious comments directed at them...

... And threw one last epic shade at the haters (guys, please check out the hashtags)

Keep up your social media game, myBurgerLab. :p

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Established in 2013, myBurgerLab is one of Malaysia's most popular burger joints and has maintained their stellar reputation through the years. Here's how they did it:

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