[PHOTOS] UNIQLO's 'Animal Crossing: New Horizons' UT Collection Is Just Too Cute

UNIQLO Malaysia will drop the collection on 24 May, so hope you've got your bells ready.

Cover image via UNIQLO (Provided to SAYS)

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Editor's note: This story has been updated with the new release date.

We hope you've finished paying off your home loan with Nook Inc, because UNIQLO is set to release its very first Animal Crossing: New Horizons UT collection in Malaysia

In a press release made available to SAYS, UNIQLO announced that it is collaborating with Nintendo to launch a UNIQLO T-shirts (UT) collection based on the bestselling game.

The collection drops in Malaysia on Monday, 24 May.

In total, there are 32 items in the collection for you to pick and choose from

Almost all your favourite (and least favourite) characters make an appearance in the collection, including Daisy Mae and her adorable turnips and superstar musician KK Slider.

That Celeste tee has me going all starry-eyed.

KK Slider tee for men.

Image via UNIQLO (Provided to SAYS)

Daisy Mae tee for men.

Image via UNIQLO (Provided to SAYS)

Fruits of ACNH tunic.

Image via UNIQLO (Provided to SAYS)

Gulliver washed up ashore (left) women's tee and Celeste on women's tunic.

Image via UNIQLO (Provided to SAYS)

This writer is currently wondering if they are small enough to fit these kids' clothing:

Got a ACNH fan in your life who had a baby in quarantine? Here's a gift idea:

More than just pastel-coloured clothing, the collection will also consist of towel blankets and pocketable bags

To mark the launch of the collection, a special 'UNIQLO Island' will also be making an appearance in the game from 29 April

Image via INSIDE Japan

Coinciding with the collection's launch in Japan, players will be able to visit UNIQLO Island using a Dream Address, which will then allow them to enter a realistic UNIQLO store in-game.

The Custom Designs Portal will also have 21 T-shirt designs linked to the collection. Players can enjoy real outfits within the game.

But there's a catch of course – you need to have a Nintendo Switch Online membership to be able to access both the special in-game activities. :')

Most of the collection will be available both in stores and through UNIQLO's online store

Exceptions apply to the women's tunics, which are an online exclusive, and the pocketable bags which will be available in selected stores as well as on the online store.

Here's the full price list:
- Men's T-shirts (six designs): RM59.90
- Women's T-shirts (four designs): RM59.90
- Women's tunics (three designs): RM79.90
- Kids' T-shirts (six designs): RM39.90
- Kids' shorts (four designs): RM29.90
- Baby's T-shirts (three designs): RM39.90
- Towel blankets (three designs): RM79.90
- Pocketable bags (three designs): RM39.90

Just another day of Tom Nook taking all my money

Image via GIPHY

Have you seen this local baker's amazing ACNH cakes? They're too pretty to eat!

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