Malaysian Dentist's Entire Clinic Is Filled With BTS Tributes

Scared of dentists? A life-size poster of Jung-kook will be next to you to comfort you.

Cover image via @alianarahim (TikTok)

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You thought you were a true ARMY? Prepare to be amazed by the level of dedication shown by this dentist in Ampang.

Dr Syuhada Azimi, owner of Izra Dental Ampang, has turned her entire clinic into a BTS-inspired dental space to show her love for the K-pop group.

Located at The Grange @ Ampwalk, her dental clinic is affectionately referred to as the 'Magic Shop,' inspired by one of BTS' iconic songs.

Every corner is adorned with BTS memorabilia, creating a magical experience for fans who step into her clinic.

From posters and pens to the colours of the dental chair, gloves, and masks, this dentist leaves no detail unattended

TikTok user @alianarahim recently shared a video documenting her visit to the dental clinic.
The dentist herself proudly embraces her love for the band, showing that it's possible to combine passions.

Dr Syuhada openly shares about her clinic on social media, even referring to herself as 'Dentist ARMY'.

One of her videos proudly displays the Jung-kook Mikrokosmos Mood Lamp that adds to clients' experience at her clinic, with a caption that states her dream of owning a BTS-themed dental clinic has come true. IYKYK.

Watch a clip of it below:


It was not easy battling for Jungkook’s Mikrokosmos Mood Lamp tho Imagine having this view while having teeth whitening #bts #btsarmy #dentistarmybts # #Jungkook

original sound - Tooth fairy ‍ - Tooth fairy ‍

Photos of each band member diligently brushing their teeth are hung on the walls to remind you about dental hygiene

If you've ever felt nervous about visiting the dentist, don't worry! A life-size poster of Jung-kook will be right beside you to 'comfort' you during your visit with Dr Syuhada.

Encased in a glass box at the clinic is the BTS LEGO set, alongside mugs, band photos, and other merchandise she has collected.

Watch this snippet of Dr Syuhada starting her day at the clinic:

To celebrate SOPE month, honouring the birthdays of BTS members J-Hope and Suga, Dr Syuhada is offering RM50 off any treatment during visits between 10 February and 10 March.

Additionally, lucky visitors will have the chance to win freebies and official merchandise through a special draw!

To find out more, you can follow Izra Dental Ampang on Instagram or Dr Syuhada on TikTok.

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