These Minimalistic Malaysian Passport Designs Are So Aesthetic, We Want 'Em All

Hope they'll become real passports by the time we can travel again.

Cover image via Ideology Design Studio

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Oh, to be able to travel again and listen to the sweet sound of plane announcements

With vaccines being rolled out, one can only hope that this pandemic will soon be over and we can all make travel plans once again. 

Image via GIPHY

It's probably been awhile since any of us have set foot on an airplane, let alone taken a look at our passports. *soft cries*

But as we wait for things to slowly return to normal, at least we can dream of what life may potentially look like in the future, right? :B

Speaking of which, a local company has come up with redesigns for the Malaysian passport and they look really good

Ideology Design Studio began self-initiated projects to spark fresh ideas of what they think everyday objects around us can look like.

One of which is the Malaysian passport. 

Inspired by other countries that have transformed their passports into "works of art", the team wanted to give the Malaysian passport a fresh look. 

So they came up with redesigns to include local elements, such as Malaysia's iconic buildings, islands, wildlife, and other various cultural elements

"We hope that when we can travel again, we would be able to visit some of these places, immerse ourselves in the culture, try out the local cuisines. There are lots yet to be discovered in this country where we were born and raised," founder Joanne Chin shares with SAYS. 

To fend off any potential counterfeits and frauds, Ideology also researched ways to implement more security features, such as UV light, watermarks, guilloche designs, and more.

What began as a fun project led them to present the passport redesigns at TEDxShanghai last year

The event showcased artists and designers from China, Japan, the Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia, featuring work they'd done during the pandemic.

"We're surprised and extremely grateful for the opportunity to be among other well-known and talented creatives/design studios, together flying the Malaysian flag at the International event TEDxShanghai 2020+1," the founder shares.

"It started out as a monthly self-initiated project, a custom we established since the first Movement Control Order (MCO). Some ideas are good-to-go while some are still in the midst of refinement," Chin says, adding that they are optimistic about sending the Malaysian passport redesign concepts to relevant authorities.

The goal of this project is to also spur the community to create solutions through creativity.

"We hope this will inspire and encourage more to start their passion projects wherever they are in life and show the world what you're capable of making," Chin adds.

You can check out more of the designs here

In the meantime, take a look at some of these amazing gems in Malaysia for you to visit when this pandemic is over: