Malaysian Shares Effective Mosquito Killing Incense She Found On Shopee For RM1

"Oh my God, I saw this on Shopee but didn't believe it. Now I'm a believer."

Cover image via @ciktiqz (Twitter)

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Move over mosquito rackets and coils.

A Malaysian took to Twitter to share a recent discovery that was very effective in killing the mosquitoes in her bedroom.

Twitter user @ciktiqz went viral after sharing about the mosquito repellent she found online.

The tweet with photos showing the product and its impressive results garnered over 8,000 retweets since it was posted on Wednesday, 24 February.

The product the netizen raved about is known as a mosquito repellent incense stick

Similar to mosquito coils we're more used to seeing, these sticks simply need to be lighted and placed in a holder at any corner of a room.

However, unlike mosquito coils, the selling factor is that these incense sticks are made of all organic ingredients

According to Today, mosquito repellent incense sticks do not use chemicals, such as diethyltoluamide (DEET) in mosquito coils, to ward off the pests.

Instead, the sticks are made of natural plants such as citronella, rosemary, peppermint, lemongrass, cedar wood, and bamboo, and they rely on these scents to get rid of those pesky biters.

The Shopee listing recommended by @ciktiqz said the sticks also kill ants, cockroaches, flies, and other insects.

"They will smell and smoke a little at the start. But after awhile, you won't see any smoke or smell it anymore," the netizen shared its difference with mosquito coils.

A stick can burn up to an hour, and they are sold in RM1 packs of 30. You can buy the sticks scented or unscented.

According to the listing, the sticks are also generally safe to use around children. But it warns about being a fire hazard and advises placing them away from cloth and paper when lit.

Netizens were pretty impressed with the mosquito repellent, and thousands retweeted, saying that they need to try it for themselves

"Need this stat," said a Twitter user.

"Oh my God, I saw this on Shopee but didn't believe it. Now I'm a believer," said another.

Meanwhile, someone else testified that the sticks work.

"Yes, they are effective. So many mosquitoes died in my house. Close all the doors and windows when you light one up. All those mosquitoes hiding behind the curtains and cupboards will come out and die. Other insects around will die too," they said.

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