Malaysian Shares Viral Video Of 'IKEA Dupes' She Found At Lotus's

"The mak mak in me is screaming."

Cover image via @farey1710 (TikTok)

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A customer recently shared a viral video of how she found pretty kitchenware that look similar to IKEA's items at Lotus's, formerly known as Tesco

Farey, who goes by @farey1710 on TikTok, was at Lotus's Seberang Jaya (Tesco Extra Seberang Jaya) in Penang when she spotted similar items like IKEA's signature glass bottles, pastel-coloured utensils and plates, as well as gorgeous ceramic dishes.

Her video which was uploaded two days ago has been liked over 43,500 times, with many excited comments.

Image via TikTok
Image via TikTok

According to her, the products were all reasonably priced too

Based on the video, some of the plastic plates were priced as low as RM1.24 each, while the pastel utensils were roughly RM6.50 per packet.

Several ceramic dishes cost around RM19.90 each. Farey also showed a section filled with glassware for minimalistic lovers.

However, in the video, she explains that she was a little bummed that the grocery store's 'viral' frying pan price had increased from RM9 to RM15.

You can watch her video below:


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