From Flood Cleanup To Finding A Second Family, foodpanda Riders Share Heartwarming Moments

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Cover image via Afi Adli (Provided to SAYS) & Ahmad Razali (Provided to SAYS)

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From staying at home to limit our movement to overcoming the after-effects of the flood, there's no denying that 2021 has been a challenging year for many

Despite it all, it's evident that Malaysians have continued to band together to help each other out, and that's pretty awesome. Be it everyday individuals or brands, Malaysians have shown true #kitajagakita spirit by doing their best to help and support each other, even if it's in small ways.

As the year comes to an end, it's important to not only reflect on everything we've been through in 2021, but also to appreciate the heartwarming moments we've experienced along the way, which were bright spots that kept us going during difficult times.

In collaboration with foodpanda, we got a few riders to share their most heartwarming stories.

Here's what they had to say:

1. Ahmad Razali recalls how banding together to help others during the flood was an uplifting and touching sight to see

During the recent floods, foodpanda riders were called to help out when the floodwaters hit Hulu Langat, especially around areas like Nanding, Sungai Lui, Sungai Serai, and Dusun Tua, where water levels rose up to chest area.

"It was very worrying, as there were roads that had eroded because of the floodwaters. That happened in Dusun Tua as well as Sungai Lui. Some houses were crushed too," Ahmad recalled.

"I sympathised with those whose houses were wrecked by the flood. In a few places, the waters went up to the roof, destroying all the electronic appliances that the tenants worked hard to buy."

Ahmad shared how there were also cars that were swept away by the coursing flow of the waters. In some places, the cars were completely gone, while in other places, the vehicles were left in the water, by the roadside, or in the owners' flooded houses.

Together, Ahmad and other members of the foodpanda team helped clean some of the places ravaged by the floods

"There was a lot of slime and gunk once the water level had receded, so we helped clear things a little at a few places like Masjid Al Mutaqqin, Sekolah Agama Dusun Tua, a couple of houses in Nanding, and another residence in Sungai Lui," he stated.

The riders also assisted in distributing necessities and food to the victims in those areas as well.

Besides that, Ahmad and other foodpanda riders worked hand-in-hand with NGOs and banks to give out items that were donated by the rakyat to collection centres and homes.

"I was really touched after seeing the outpour of help from other Malaysians who understood the plight of the victims. It gave me hope because I saw so many Malaysians stand by each other and lend a hand in a time of need," Ahmad shared.

2. Juggling two jobs as a part time delivery rider and a full time auctioneer, 18-year-old Nur Maisara draws inspiration from seeing how hard her fellow riders work

Image via Campaign Asia

Having started this part time stint as a source of side income, the badminton-playing lass says her heartwarming experience is the great lesson she has learned.

"Though I've only been with foodpanda for about five to six months, I learned something very valuable. Having both a part time and full time job made me realise how important it is to make an honest living," she said.

To her, there are no small jobs. Be it a delivery rider or any other job, what really matters is doing your best at your given task.

Seeing her fellow delivery riders give their all when it comes to work, while dealing with all the difficulties that come with the job, has inspired Maisara and motivated her to do better.

3. For Afi Adli, who hails from Hulu Langat, it's all about finding a second family in the truly wonderful people he has met throughout his time as a foodpanda rider

Afi Adli and his team members.

Image via Afi Adli (Provided to SAYS)

Working at foodpanda for over two years now, he highlights that his team taught him the importance of being there for each other, especially during hard times.

"They are like my family, and we are always there for each other when times are hard. It doesn't matter where you are, my team always has each other's backs, no matter what," he said.

He adds that the feeling of togetherness he gets when he's with his team is something he treasures very closely to his heart

Afi shared, "Some of my team members are willing to ride to faraway places just to lend a helping hand, and I think that's the kind of people that I want to remember and have in my life. They've made working so much fun, and filled my days with joy and laughter.

"It's truly something that warms my heart, because a good team is hard to find."

Even when faced with challenges that are out of their hands, frontline workers like our foodpanda riders continue to perform their duties to their best and beyond

They definitely deserve our support, so, here’s to all Malaysians banding together as we welcome the new year.  As 2021 draws to a close, foodpanda wants to remind everyone to carry forward our #kitajagakita spirit into the new year! 

This 2022, let's continue helping each other to the best of our abilities and spreading some love and kindness wherever we go. <3

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