[VIDEO] Is It Easy Being A Food Delivery Rider? We Tried It For One Day With A Bicycle

Got no motor license? Not a problem for us. :P

Cover image via SAYS (YouTube)

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Have you ever wondered what it's like to be a food delivery rider?

We've always found it convenient to rely on our abang or kak rider to deliver our meals anytime, anywhere, kan? Although, it can be easy for us to take for granted the amount of time and effort our food riders put in to make all the orders they receive within a day.

In collaboration with foodpanda, we decided to try it out for ourselves by becoming a food delivery rider for a whole day!

For this challenge, our very own Ashley became the kak rider foodpanda, hehe. However, she doesn't have a motor license, so how? Not a problem lah, as she is equipped with the next best thing... her bicycle! 

Will she able to complete her orders on time? Watch the full video below to see what went down:

Disclaimer: Filming was carried out with utmost care by the production crew and professional supervision. Be careful on the road, especially during the rainy season.

Before starting her journey as a foodpanda rider, Ashley sat down with veteran rider Han, who shared some handy tips based on his four-year experience in the delivery service industry, wahh

Han: "Tip number one, accept all orders. Even though it is far, with less pay, just take it. Because it will affect your batch order. If your batch value drops, you will receive less money." 

After gaining valuable tips from Han, Ashley was ready to spend the day as a foodpanda rider. But alas, halfway through her journey, it started to rain heavily. T_T

Ashley: "Unfortunately, as you can see, it is raining! So, I might ditch the bike halfway and walk instead."

After her second order, she took a break to check in with Han, and he said so far so good, woohoo!

Ashley: "Han, how do you think I'm doing so far?"

Han: "So far, so good." 

Ashley: "Okay, that's good!"

Han: "Maybe if it weren't raining, you could take more orders next time."

Ashley: "More orders, okay yeah." 

Despite the rain, Ashley managed to overcome it by completing all her orders! She reminds us that it ain't easy being a delivery rider, so be sure to always thank them. :')

Ashley: "I hope that your curiosity of being a foodpanda rider has been scratched. As you can see, it's definitely not an easy job, especially with this kind of weather condition. So remember to thank your rider whenever you have the chance. Because this is... not an easy job!"

In light of the current situation, foodpanda wants you to know that they will do their best to provide food delivery services and special daily necessities, and this includes the affected areas of the floods

If you ever need items delivered to you, you can count on foodpanda to continue to provide their services, as your safety is their priority. Remember to take care of yourself and your family during these difficult times. <3 

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