We Asked Over 23,000 Malaysian Women To Tell Us About Their Breasts. Here's What They Said

One in every three women enjoy a snack between their cleavage!

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A recent SAYS survey taken by over 23,000 Malaysian women revealed how they really feel about their breasts

In a joint effort with Kinohimitsu, we wanted to find out your truth about your breasts and asked some rather personal questions :)

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Women are shamed all the time, especially for their bodies. Breasts are labelled as "too large," "too small," "too saggy," or "too perky..." we just can't win! Not to mention, if a woman desires a different bust size, she also gets shamed for that as well.

Well, we decided to break the taboo of breasts and talk about them! Here's what Malaysian women had to say:

1. More than 36% of women wish their breasts were bigger

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Meanwhile, 21% of women said they wished their breast size was smaller, and 42% were happy just the way they are.

2. One in every three women enjoy a snack from between their cleavage

We asked if you'd ever eaten food you had found in your cleavage. Over 36% of respondents said yes, while 64% said no.

3. Over 3,300 women choose to sleep in a bra as they find it more comfortable

Women who choose to sleep with a bra on are definitely a minority - 45% admitted to accidentally falling asleep with a bra on and 38% said they would never sleep while wearing a bra.

4. Close to a whopping 80% of women believe that strapless bras are the work of the devil and shouldn't exist

In a landslide vote, over 78% of women showed their dissatisfaction with strapless bras.

5. Less than 700 women prefer going out braless

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Taking only 3.4% of the vote, these women voiced their love for going completely braless. 25% of women said they didn't mind going braless depending on the outfit and occasion, while the vast majority of 71% admitted they would never go out without a bra.

6. 30% of women have one breast noticeable larger than the other

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Surprisingly, most women admitted to being unsure whether they had one breast larger than the other. Only 25% of women felt their breasts were both the same size.

7. More than half of women have been teased for their bust size

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The survey showed that 55% of women have been teased about their bust size, some comments being mean while others were lighthearted and non-offensive. The other 45% said they had never been made fun of. 

8. More than 5,300 have worn a padded bra or stuffed their bra to look bigger

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The majority of women (72%) said they had never worn a padded bra or stuff their bra.

9. Meanwhile, over 6,900 women have done something to make their breasts look smaller

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Again, the majority of women (63%) said they had never done anything to make their breasts look smaller.

10. Only 17% of women have considered having cosmetic surgery on their breasts

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The 17% of women who have considered cosmetic surgery on their breasts selected either a reduction or an augmentation. 83% said they would not have any kind of cosmetic surgery.

11. Of all the boob problems women face, the most annoying is sweaty underboobs, followed by droopy boobies

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Here's the order in which women voted the most annoying boob problems:
1. Sweaty underboobs
2. Droopy boobies
3. Not being able to find a cute bra
4. Tenderness during periods
5. Hairy nipples
6. Stretch marks

Thank you to all the Malaysian women who took our boob survey!

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