Malaysians Share The Best Advice They Got That Helped Clear Acne Scars And Dark Spots

It's the hyperpigmentation for me.

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If there's anything more stubborn than acne, it's the scars caused by their reign of terror

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Yep, juuust when you thought the worst is over, those unsightly scars make an unwanted appearance nowhere other than our poor ol' faces :( Really, the last thing we want is a prolonged reminder of our breakouts, and these battle scars do us no favours. 

Fortunately, this doesn't mean we're scarred for life. There have been success stories out there in eliminating these scars, and we look no further than our fellow Malaysians!  

We banded together with Nanowhite, and asked Malaysians to tell us the best advice they received in getting rid of their acne scars and dark spots once and for all. Here are their tales:

1. "When I was a teen, I had pretty bad breakouts. Every week my mum would bring me to the organic shop and buy nine kinds of vegetables to blend - potato leaf, spinach, kailan, cherry tomato, and the likes."

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"Then I would blend a big bowl full of it and have it for breakfast every morning. It tasted horrendous, but it helped to detox my body and within three months my acne began clearing up."

– Jeremy, 26

2. "It’s a broken record at this point but, drink lots of water!"

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"I have really dry skin, so scars stay forever on me D: When I do get scars though, applying Centella Asiatica helps make them go away really fast; but always remember the water!”

- Jess, 25

3. "SPF is your best friend"

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"Treating acne takes time, but treating hyperpigmentation takes way longer! To help with the process, I binge-watched a lot of skincare videos on YouTube. The consensus was to always, ALWAYS wear sunscreen. The sunscreen will help block UV rays from reaching your skin, prohibiting your skin cells from overproducing melanin (the pigment that makes the skin appear darker). So now I’ll always finish my skincare routine by applying a good sunscreen, and it has helped me so much with clearing up hyperpigmentation."

- Ihsan, 25

4. "Because I love playing sports, one of the key points is to never wipe your face with a towel immediately after exercise"

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"As disgusting as that sounds, you should just let your face sweat it out - (something about your pores being open and your towel containing a lot of bacteria), so because I play a lot of sports, I started following that routine and I realised it helps." 

- Colin, 31

5. "Stop picking on zits!"

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"I stopped the habit of picking at my acne! It’s hard and so tempting to just pop pimples but it really makes a difference when you let it heal on its own." 

- Arisha, 23

6. "I always find applying aloe vera helps to soothe not only sunburn irritation but it works like magic in reducing acne scars as well!"

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"By applying aloe vera gel consistently after showering, it helps to replenish the layers of skin. Even tho the scars are gone, don’t stop this routine! Aloe vera actually helps to reduce inflammation and it definitely prevents the scarring from even happening." 

- Aishah, 27

7. "I have a habit of pressing my acne and white heads on my face since I was young, which resulted in some scarring. It was getting real bad so I searched for remedies to lighten acne scars on the Internet and found that Vitamin C serum drops will do the trick!"

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"So, I got one and tried using it but tbh I didn't know what I was doing with it for the first few times haha! I didn't notice the effect until one time I realised my face is already clear and the scars were barely visible! I only use it a few times a week but I didn't know it could be so effective. After that, it has become my holy grail when my face is acting up." 

- Angel, 23

Fuyoh, Malaysians are so creative with their remedies lah :D

It's natural for us to try out all kinds of methods to see if it works on our skin. That's why Nanowhite is bringing you a solution to ease your post-acne and dark spot troubles with the Nanowhite Dark Spot Corrective Serum!

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