3 Malaysians Share What It's Like To Watch A UEFA Match LIVE For The First Time

Maximum kan cheong-ness.

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Seven Malaysians recently won the trip of a lifetime to watch a UEFA match live all the way in Madrid

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Heineken picked seven winners from Malaysia and sent them to watch Atlético Madrid vs. Real Madrid in the Champions League semi-finals at the Vicente Calderón Stadium in Spain.

They couldn't believe it when they found out

"​It was so unreal and ​at one point I thought it was a ​prank by my friend, right until I received a ​written ​confirmation from ​Hein​eken themselves! It was a dream come true. I never thought I could have this opportunity to see and​ be a part of the experience of a live football match in Madrid."

- Ryan Lee

But soon after that, they were sitting in the stadium watching Atlético Madrid and Real Madrid playing LIVE!

We spoke to three winners to find out more about their experience:

1. It was intense

"I couldn't find better words to describe my feelings. ​It all started the moment we were walking to the stadium surrounded by cheers from the fans, experiencing the UEFA anthem live (which I've only heard it on TV), and the cheers of 'GOALLL!!' from the fans were unforgettable."

- Ryan Lee

2. The hardcore fans you see on TV are SUPER HARDCORE in real life

"In the stadium you get to see more than just a match. You see how the fans support their team with all their tears and sweat to cheer out loud."

- Ryan Lee

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3. ... and they're really, really loud

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"They were amazing and always in full voice supporting their team, it was truly goosebump-inducing. The experience was made extra special because it was the [Atlético] team's last game at the Vicente Calderón Stadium. The fans were singing the anthems together really loudly and they almost had a cheerleading routine of sorts with their big flags and banners!"

- Ian Lee

4. You finally feel closer to your favourite players

"We were seated near the touchline (thanks to Heineken for arranging such good seats for us), so being in close distance with superstars like Cristiano Ronaldo, Benzema, Griezmann, and the legend himself - Zinedine Zidane - was fantastic!"

- Ryan Lee

"One exciting part that still gives me goosebumps was when Ronaldo ran so close to the place that we were seating and that's when all the fans jumped almost simultaneously to their feet!"

- John Ong

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5. There were so many things happening at the same time

"There are actually more things happening than what you see on TV! For example: the drama, the excitement to see your football star, the adrenaline of the competition, the response from the crowd, etc."

- John Ong

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6. There are no words to describe the atmosphere in the stadium

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"One of a kind. I can't find the words to describe it."

- Ian Lee

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"Seriously brothers​ and sisters​, you guys should put this in your bucket list and make it happen! It's really a once in a lifetime experience."

- Ryan Lee

Are you ready for the Champions League finals?

It's Juventus against Real Madrid on 4 June 2017, 2:45am Malaysian time. Will Real Madrid continue to reign supreme, or will Juventus take the trophy home?

Have an early dinner and sleep earlier so you can wake up in time for the match.

Tell us which team you think will be the Champions League winner this year in the comment section

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