Man Discovers Aeroplane Trash Bin Actually Has A Foot Lever To Open It

That's right, you don't need to touch that disgarsting shyte.

Cover image via @guthealthboxer (Instagram)

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Aeroplane toilets are never the cleanest, so it's best to touch as few things as possible when you're in the loo

Instagram user @guthealthboxer recently made a helpful discovery that not many might have known.

In a video he posted several days ago, he shared that he was on a flight back from Thailand when he noticed there was a foot lever in the toilet.

After pressing it down, he realised it was connected to the trash bin, opening it and allowing him to avoid touching bin's flap completely.

"I was thinking what was that for and sure enough it's for the bin. I never knew about it... No more touching that skanky bin. Did you know about it?" he wrote in the caption.

Watch his video below:

He isn't the first person to discover this about aeroplane toilets

TikTok user @tylanglines previously went viral when he made this discovery back in 2022, and it caught many others off guard as well.

Image via TikTok

Perhaps you've always known this existed, or maybe this is your first time hearing about it.

Either way, it's worth noting that not all aeroplanes are the same.

Image for illustration purposes.

Image via Brittany Chang/Insider

According to this article, Dreamliners and A330s operated by Turkish Airlines, Saudia, and Etihad have incorporated foot pedals for the trash bins in their aircraft toilets.

Meanwhile, this person on TikTok revealed that the trash bin in a Singapore Airlines toilet uses a sensor.

So, the next time you're on a plane, take a look around the restroom

The foot pedal, if available, will usually be located on the floor near the trash bin. It may appear as a small, unmarked pedal, or it might be labelled.

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