"Women Are Sexily Dressed" – Man Avoids Ramadan Bazaars As It 'Tortures' His Faith

He shared that among the biggest challenges men face during Ramadan is to control their gaze.

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The holy month of Ramadan isn't just a month of fasting from eating and drinking.

In fact, it is a time where Muslims strive to strengthen their faith.

In order to do that, Muslims must control their gaze and desires, practise hayaa' (modesty), and abstain from other bad habits.

Sometimes, in order to avoid relapsing into bad habits, refraining from going to certain places might be necessary.

Such is the case for one man, who shared his reasons for not going to Ramadan bazaars even though it may be the highlight of the fasting month for most people. 

An article on his opinion was published on Kosmo! on 3 April under the pseudonym 'Geng Terawih Kuala Selangor'. It is believed that the article was a submission from a reader.

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The man explained that he avoids going to Ramadan bazaars because women dress inappropriately, and it 'tortures' the faith of men who are fasting

"(They) do not wear hijabs, wear skirts, form-fitting pants, clothes that accentuate the body, and other (inappropriate clothing)." he said.

"Surely, if the men do not control their gaze, blessings gained from fasting will deteriorate. Therefore, while Muslims are striving to gain the highest quality of fasting, there will still be few who are just starving, thirsty, and tired the whole day."

He went on to say that he avoids bazaars not only because he dislikes crowded spaces, but also because he is worried that he might not be able to control himself.

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The writer urges the Muslim community to be steadfast in controlling their desires and for women to dress appropriately

"I'm writing to remind fellow Muslims to control our gazes while at the Ramadan bazaar," he wrote.

He ended his opinion by advising women to dress according to the true Muslim image, and not to follow "western" trends.

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What do you think of the writer's story? Do you agree or disagree with his reasonings? Let us know.

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