[VIDEO] We Took On A 30-Day Challenge To Learn How To Cook, Dance, And Play The Guitar

Watch till the end to see the progress we made!

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In conjunction with MARIGOLD HL's 30th anniversary, we were challenged to pick up three new skills that would "Bring Out The Super In You"

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Ihsan: DANCING?! OH MY GOD! GUYS! Can we switch this?


What followed was four weeks of intense training, learning on the job, and pushing ourselves to the limit

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Ashley: "OwO, why's it popping?!! I even burnt the bun!"

It included us trying to keep up with the dance instructor

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Ihsan: "Almost hit him."

And figuring out how to play the guitar and sing at the same time

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Hanis: "Eugh! How can they even sing while playing the guitar, Ammar?"

Curious how much we progressed after 30 days? Watch the full video below till the end to find out:

Personally, we think we smashed the 30-day challenge, and we're so glad for the opportunity to pick up these new skills

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Together: "YESSSSSS!"

Ihsan: "I wanna sleep! But I'm so proud of myself though and I'm proud of you guys."

And it's all thanks to MARIGOLD HL, who wants to "Bring Out The Super In You"

MARIGOLD HL Low Fat Milk is more than just ordinary milk. It empowers you to be the best you can, whether at work or play, so that in every situation you can bring out the super from within you.

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Watch the video below to find out how to "Bring Out The Super In You" with MARIGOLD HL today:

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