Maybank Celebrates Malaysian Unsung Heroes In Their New National Day Videos

"Anyone can make a difference - you just have to decide what kind of difference you want to make."

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The most patriotic holidays of the year are right around the corner and it's got us feeling so much love for our beautiful country and fellow Malaysians <3

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Maybank has decided to get in the spirit of the upcoming celebrations by launching MYStories, a brand new YouTube video series

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Consisting of five short episodes, the series not only honours the unsung heroes of Malaysia, but also provides a platform for Malaysians to share their stories.

In telling the stories of these unsung heroes, the sacrifices they have made and the barriers they have broken for the love of their country and fellow man, Maybank hopes to encourage Malaysians to step out of their comfort zones and be spurred into action

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Their impressive contributions to society will serve as a reminder to all of us that selfless acts of kindness can come from anyone. This touching message is in line with Maybank's core mission of humanising financial services as well as with the Group's TIGER values of teamwork, integrity, passion for growth, excellence and efficiency, and building long-term relationships.

Meet the inspiring people that Maybank has chosen to highlight:

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1. Major Wong: A war veteran who regularly puts his men before himself to ensure their safety. With the belief that race and religion play no part in combat, Major Wong embodies the spirit of teamwork and integrity while fighting for his men and country.

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2. Sergeant Adenan: A heroic war veteran who fought bravely alongside Major Wong and a proud Sarawakian, he was one of the first from his hometown to serve in the army. Badly injured during one of his missions, he owes his life to Major Wong who made an unprecedented decision to prioritise medical attention to him.

Still an unwavering patriot at heart, Sergeant Adenan believes that regardless of race, religion and culture, members of the army are ultimately part of one unit that support each other in the fight for their country.

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3. Swarn Singh: He started losing his sight after a fall from a height of 18 metres. This brought unfamiliar challenges into his life, but that did not discourage him from living to the fullest. 

That defining moment inspired him to help the visually-impaired community. Swarn is steadfast in his belief that everything happens for a reason, and believes he became blind to help others in similar situations.

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4. Siti Rahayu Bahari: The co-founder of Buku Jalanan Chow Kit, dedicates her time towards providing free education to the homeless, the poor, and the stateless. She maintains that literacy and education from a young age can help children grow into better people, contributing to a better society. 

According to Siti, everyone on Earth was sent down with a purpose, and hers is to help improve the lives of the disadvantaged.

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5. Medina Zaharah Onn: At only 11 years old, she is one of the youngest role models and says that anyone can make a difference - you just have to decide what kind of difference you want to make. From the age of six, Medina has spent her time teaching life skills to special needs young adults and raising awareness on the plight of endangered animals. 

She hopes to bring forth the message of equality in society regardless of capabilities. Her family also shares the same passion, and together, they spend their free time working towards this mission.

Watch the first episode of MYStories below:

Stay tuned for the rest of the episodes coming soon!

Maybank wishes all Malaysians a very happy National Day and Malaysia Day ahead! And remember guys, everyone can make a difference.

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