22 Best Things To Try In McD's From Different Countries Around The World

From outrageous burgers to sinful desserts.

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1. Samurai Pork Burger in Thailand

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This is similar to the Samurai Burger that was available for a limited time in McDonald's Malaysia. However, this patty is made from pork and is absolutely delicious with their signature teriyaki sauce. 

2. Vietnamese Coffee in Vietnam

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This coffee is served with the standard Vietnamese filter which takes about five minutes to brew your coffee. It has a very strong yet smooth flavour and is something any coffee-lover would enjoy. 

3. McSpaghetti in Philippines

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These noodles are served with sliced sausages, grated cheese and tomato sauce. It's a favourite among the locals!

4. McRice in Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore and Taiwan

Available at limited times only, this burger is one with buns made out of rice. The patty can be either beef, chicken or fish. 

5. McSpicy Paneer in India

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This burger consists of a deep-fried block of paneer cheese with shredded lettuce and spicy mayo. It's the perfect thing for those who want a spicy or cheesy kick!

6. Maharaja Mac in India

This is India's version of what we know as the Big Mac. There is both a Chicken Maharaja Mac and a Vegetarian Maharaja Mac on the menu. Both look very satisfying. 

7. Quinoa Fattoush Salad in Kuwait

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McDonald's Kuwait's spin on this traditional Arabian salad made with pita chips is something you wouldn't want to miss. It's also a healthy option if you want something light while exploring the city.

8. Gourmet Classic Angus in Australia

A favourite among lovers of classic beef burgers, this 100% Aussie Angus beef patty is complimented with pickles, onions, mustard and mayo. 

9. McCafe desserts in France

From freshly baked cookies to macarons, the French McCafes feel more like a regular bakery than a fast food place. They look super classy too!

10. Gazpacho in Spain

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Gazpacho is a soup made of blended vegetables that is popular in Spain. It's usually served cold and makes for a refreshing meal. 

11. Sweety con Nutella in Italy

This is basically a Nutella burger. Two buns enclose a thick wedge of the sinfully sweet hazelnut spread and makes for the perfect cheat meal. 

12. Nürnburger in Germany

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If you can't get enough of Bratwurst sausages, get your hands on this the next time you're in Germany. Bonus points if none of the sausages fall out while you're digging into it. 

13. McBretzel in Switzerland

This burger is loaded with Swiss beef, cheese, hot mustard chutney and onions. The buns are also made of pretzel bread! 

14. Daim McFlurry in Denmark and Sweden

Just like any other chocolate that's been turned into a McFlurry, the Daim McFlurry in Denmark contains broken up pieces of the chocolate mixed with vanilla ice cream. For those of us who grew up eating the chocolate, it's a nice taste of childhood. 

15. Sriracha Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Sandwich in the United States

This burger is a lovely concoction of buttermilk crispy chicken, smooth white cheddar, crispy onion and baby spinach. It also contains what McDonald's calls the Sriracha Mac Sauce, which is a hybrid of their signature Big Mac sauce and the popular hot sauce Sriracha. This is too good to pass off!

16. Pay De Queso in Mexico, Brazil and Costa Rica

If you're a lover of the McDonald's apple pie, you'll wanna try this. The pay de queso is a crispy pie that is filled with rich and creamy cheese. 

17. Mega Mac in South Korea, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates

Just in case you find our Big Mac a little too small, this four-pattied, sizzled to perfection, giant burger could be exactly what you need on your next trip to one of these countries.

18. Taro Pie in China and Hong Kong

Image via Lifehacker

This sweet pie has a bright purple gooey filling that is unlike any other pie you'll see in McDonald's. It is made of taro root, which you might like if you love sweet potato. 

19. McFry Potato Chocolate in Japan

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These are french fries served with white and milk chocolate sauce that you can drizzle on yourself. According to the locals, the saltiness of the fries makes for a nice balance with the sweet chocolate. 

20. Shaka Shaka Chicken in Japan

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'Shaka' means shake in Japanese and is exactly what you'll be doing before you eat this. This deep-fried chicken patty comes with a pocket of spicy powder that you'll have to mix together in a bag yourself. The end product is a spicy serving of chicken that is seasoned to perfection (because of you!). 

21. Churros in South Korea

These deep-fried cinnamon pastries are served with sauces such as chocolate, caramel or strawberry. They're a big hit among Koreans!

22. Rich Chocolate Pie in South Korea

This McDonald's pie has recently taken social media by storm. And it's clear why. Dessert-lovers are going nuts over the molten chocolate pastry. Make sure you join in on the fun if you're travelling to Korea any time soon!

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