This Money Jar Has An LCD Screen That Tallies How Much Cash You Have... Or Don't Have

Practical and convenient.

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Saving money is extremely important — and with so much technological advancement, people have been able to take classic items and elevate them to a modern level

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If you're someone who loves filling up your piggy bank for a rainy day, this money box with an LCD screen does all the collecting and counting for you

Engulfed in clear plastic, this shilling box appears rather simple and unembellished at first glance.

Approximately 20cm tall by 11.5cm in width, the magic behind this contraption lies in its cover, which has an LCD screen to show the total worth of coins collected on top.

With just a gentle nudge of your coins into the slit at the top of the cover, the calculating system in it tabulates the worth of the coin that goes in, so you can see how much you're saving with each coin added.

Check out a video by a purchaser showing how the item works:

All you'll need to get are two AAA batteries, which need to be placed in the cover of the lid

The box is reportedly able to detect both old and new Malaysian coins.

With manual settings on the lid of the money box, buyers will be able to add or subtract the total amount on display, for when you're taking out a few coins or putting a bunch in at a time. 

If you've filled the jar to the very top and feel like emptying it, you can also reset the LCD screen to start counting anew.

Adjusting the total worth of coins in the money jar using the "+" and "-" buttons on the lid.

Image via Shopee

Nevertheless, all purchasers should handle the jar with care, as the lid's built-in calculator is sensitive to the change of display.

The description page for the item suggests that all buyers slowly insert each coin into the slot without forcing each shilling in. However, if all else fails, the adjustment button can fix that issue with just a simple tap.

Resting the tabulation system using the reset button beneath the top cover of the lid.

Image via Shopee

The coin jar costs just RM25.33, though batteries will not be included with the purchase

With over 2,300 of these jars purchased so far and over 1,000 ratings provided by members of the public, we'd guess that many people have already gotten into the counting crazy with this neat contraption.

Image via Shopee

You can get one on Shopee.

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