M'sian Youths Create Card Game To Spark Honest Conversations About Local Culture

The founders hope their game can lead to meaningful conversations that are often dismissed.

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Skip the small talk with this new Malaysian card game designed to encourage honest and vulnerable conversations with your friends

But Honestly is a card game founded by three Malaysians – Ting Shi Qi, Sarah Wong, and Davin Ngu.

"All three of us grew up together and were privileged enough to grow up in an environment where vulnerability was encouraged," they shared in a story on Instagram.

"However, we found not many of our friends grew up in an environment like this."

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They created a game to challenge the shy, awkward — and occasionally dismissive — attitudes ingrained in our Malaysian society

With cards that come in three levels of questions and prompts, they hope to spark meaningful conversations that would usually not come up on their own.

"Oftentimes in Malaysian culture, sharing our burdens with others or showing weak emotions is discouraged," one of the founders, Ting, told SAYS.

"Through our game, we hope to create a safe space within existing friend groups so people can share openly about their experiences, struggles, and feelings."

The goal of the game is not to get through the 100-card deck, but rather to achieve a deeper level of understanding of your fellow human beings

Players will have to take turns drawing cards from decks of increasingly deeper and more sensitive topics – presented as Question cards, Action cards, and Wild cards.

The gameplay is similar to popular card game We're Not Really Strangers, but the founders said they wanted to make a game more relatable to Malaysian experiences.

The creators recently launched a Kickstarter and hope to raise another RM10,000 to begin printing and production

They have raised RM19,000 within four days of their campaign launch and hope for more support to make their project a reality.

You can support their Kickstarter and pre-order a pack of But Honestly here.

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