[NANDINI SAYS] 7 Things Malaysian Teens Did Growing Up

Playing badminton in the taman! Wah, memories.

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You know, when I see teenagers these days - macamlah dah tua sangat - I cannot relate with some of the things they do lah.

OOTD, ambik gambar makanan, hang out kat Starbucks, macam-macam lah.

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So different from my zaman when we used to get all our jajan from koperasi sekolah and run after the roti uncle for freshly baked bread

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Man, things have changed.

I sense you young people who are reading this may be wondering what this mak cik who grew up in the 90s is yammering about.

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Okok, takpe, you all just watch this video for a glimpse into how life was for teens in Malaysia dulu-dulu:

Speaking of growing up in Malaysia, Selamat Hari Merdeka, guys!

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