[NANDINI SAYS] The Thing About Generation Gap Between Parents & Children

It's real, man. So real.

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You know, sometimes, I look back and think about the day I spoke to my dad about wanting to be writer/journalist... the conversation went so well.

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I mean, it's not like I expected it to go badly (BEST DAD EVER) but it was the fact that I was, indeed, stepping into a career that comes attached to the phrase, the "starving writer". 

Not exactly every parent's dream career choice for their child. 

But being the dad he is, he was full of positivity and words of encouragement.

"Pursue what your heart desires. Passion, hard work, and the right attitude will take you far."

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Foooh! I'm super lucky! :D

But right, for most kids, getting their parents to understand their career choices is like trying to solve complex Math. The generation gap is REAL, bro.

Most of our parents were raised with different values and lived at a time when career options were limited, which pushes them to push us towards the "safe" careers.

It's a tricky situation, man.

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Oh, speaking of generation gap and career choices, PETRONAS' 2018 Deepavali video, titled 'Monochrome', encapsulates the issue so well

The 4-minute video highlights the fact that most issues can be solved with good communication.

In this context, always be honest to your parents. It may not be the easiest thing to do but it will definitely help them understand you and your choices better.

Ultimately, they just want the best for you. :) 

Happy Deepavali, guys! <3

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