Neelofa Releases A Gorgeous New Clutch In Collaboration With Sometime by Asian Designers

What makes the Lofarclutch special is its versatile strap that can be adjusted according to the wearer.

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Neelofa recently collaborated with Sometime by Asian Designers, Asia's renowned bag and specialist brand

Established in December 2012, Sometime by Asian Designers is a Malaysian bag specialist company that co-designs with very select established and impactful Asian designers and fashion icons.

All their products are produced in-house in their own factory, which allows them to offer exclusive designer bags without the conventional retail mark-up.

Sometime by Asian Designers has worked with numerous brands, fashion designers, and icons in Malaysia. The online-focused store's most coveted collections include the Ribag, Sofina, Niko-Niko, and Basta.

Their previous collaborations produced the popular Lofarbag and Lofarbag 2, with the new Lofarclutch marking Neelofa's third time working with Sometime by Asian Designers

Sometime inspired by Neelofa has always been one of the brand's most lavish collections, as its designs impeccably reflect Neelofa's high fashion style, and the Lofarclutch is no exception. The design is a marriage between premium quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship.

This stylish yet functional clutch is made special with a knotted and flexible strap as well as luxurious gold hardware with a magnetic snap closure

In fact, Sometime by Asian Designer's team of bag artisans worked on perfecting the Lofarclutch's design and magnetic gold hardware for over a year, in order to retain its element of grandeur on top of its functionality.

"What makes the Lofarclutch special is its versatile strap that can be adjusted according to the wearer," says Nicole W., the Head of Product at Sometime

"(This is) a unique feature that’s exceptionally exclusive. It adds an unexpected twist - quite literally - to the classic clutch bag,” she said.

Nicole also expressed how exciting it is to work with a renowned fashion entrepreneur like Neelofa, adding that, "she always has great ideas that are fresh and out of the ordinary and that truly inspires me to create something extra special to reflect her style. I love her bold choices; she blends modesty and high fashion so seamlessly into her style."

Meanwhile, Neelofa feels that she's gained fresh perspectives from her experiences around the globe

"I’m glad to be able to translate my thoughts and ideas into a quality product that can be shared with everyone who’s passionate about fashion and style. Nicole and her team at Sometime are always supportive with my crazy ideas and have always hit the spot with truly the best quality on par with luxury brands. The cherry on the cake is the personalisation feature that Sometime offers, it makes my collection extra meaningful and exclusive!” said Neelofa.

The Lofarclutch is available in eight colours, including black, navy, eggshell, and olive, and retails at RM259 each

For an extra RM29, you can opt to personalise your clutch by getting your name embossed on it.

Check out the Lofarclutch on Sometime by Asian Designers website today!

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