From Tokyo To Vienna, Check Out These Aromatic Coffee Blends You'll Want To Try

Take a journey to different cities from all over the world with Nespresso.

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Every cup of coffee tells a story – bringing you on a journey of different flavours, intensities, and experience.

Inspired by the diverse coffee culture, Nespresso crafted and curated a new collection – Nespresso World Explorations, so you can travel the globe to discover unique tastes from the comfort of your home.

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Travelling overseas isn't an option right now, but who's to say we can't explore the beauty of the world by consuming unique, decadent varieties of coffee. 

Building on the brand's Lungo coffee collection, an Italian-style 'long' espresso of 150 ml, Nespresso wants to take you on a thrilling journey to explore some of the world's most admired and beautiful cities. 

Excited to travel the globe and drink different types of coffee? Nespresso World Explorations consists of blends inspired by the beautiful cities of Tokyo, Cape Town, Stockholm, and Vienna, in addition to two recently added varieties, Shanghai and Bueno Aires.

With six different blends, check out the distinctive taste you'll get from each city:

1. Embark on a journey to China's biggest city, Shanghai, with Nespresso's World Explorations Shanghai Lungo

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Over the years, Shanghai has become China's newly developed modern coffee scene. The global city captures the emerging Asian coffee culture and produces coffee of high-quality with intricate methods of brewing. 

Step into the modern city steeped in rich history with every sip you take from Shanghai Lungo. This blooming coffee mixes different blends of beans from Kenya, China, and Indonesia, to yield a light yet distinctive roasted blend. It's the perfect blend that locals slowly savour as they go about their everyday life in the city. 

2. Experience Argentina's love for smooth long cups and its vibrant food scene with the new Bueno Aires Lungo

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Bueno Aires' coffee culture remains captivating and unique until today. To add on, the locals love consuming their long, milky cups as they sit by observing pedestrians and the history embedded into the modern, city buildings. 

Paying tribute to the city's magical coffee culture, Bueno Aires Lungo mixes lightly roasted Colombian Arabica with Ugandan Robusta Arabica, delivering distinct sweet popcorn and cereal notes. 

Capture the city's essence by adding a generous amount of milk into your full-bodied Bueno Aires Lungo. 

3. Savour Cape Town Envivo Lungo and explore South Africa's beautiful capital city, also affectionately known as Mother City

Image via Nespresso

This coffee blend takes you through the stunning city of Cape Town like never before. Over the years, the city made way for coffees that have shaped the locals' tastes and preferences. 

Go on a thrilling journey to Mother City that has sweeping views of greenery and sandy beaches as you taste the classic Lungo that delivers full-bodied flavours along with woodsy aromas. 

4. Take to the cobblestone streets of the urban capital of Sweden with Stockholm Fortission Lungo

Image via Nespresso

Did you know that Sweden has one of the highest numbers of coffee consumers in the world? There is a concept in their coffee culture, known as fika, which means "to have a coffee break". Often times, a coffee break is also paired with pastries or biscuits. 

Ultimately, fika has been a way of life among the Swedes, as many take multiple fika throughout the day. Taking on the aromatic profile of the Swedish coffee, this Lungo creation gives off an intense, sweet flavour with a hint of bitterness. 

Of course, don't forget to pair your java with a plate of pastries or biscuits, so you can enjoy your fika like a true Swede sitting by a beautiful café along the cobblestone streets. 

5. Sip your way through a cup of Tokyo Vivalto Lungo that takes you to the busy streets of Tokyo

Image via Nespresso

Although known for their tea, the coffee scene in Japan has grown tremendously over the years. It has become a lifestyle for the city folks to move about in the busy streets with their morning pick-me-ups. The Japanese love their java complex, elegant, and flavourful, all of which are reflected in this refined Lungo creation. 

Discover the complexity and elegance of this Lungo creation as it takes you through the metropolis populated by buildings and an extensive network of rail and subways. 

Don't forget to brew your coffee further by adding some hot water and slowly savouring the complex aromas, just like how the Japanese city folks do it. 

6. Observe the beating heart of Europe – Vienna as you taste the authentic Vienna Linizio Lungo

Image via Nespresso

Coffee has become such a lifestyle in Vienna that the locals love getting their java as they sit about in the city's grand old cafés, surrounded by a charming ambience. To add on, UNESCO recently added the Vienna coffeehouse culture to their National Agency for the Intangible Cultural Heritage list.

To achieve the smooth, malty, and aromatic Viennese taste, this Lungo creation pairs Brazillian and Colombian Arabicas before it is lightly roasted by experts. 

To further enhance your authentic experience of drinking coffee in the historical city, pair your Lungo with a slice of cake on the side. 

Ready to dive deep into the rich, diverse coffee culture with Nespresso? Now, you can own a Nespresso machine from as low as RM50!

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Here's how the subscription plan works:

You can own a Nespresso Essenza Mini with a one-time fee of RM50, along with a subscription plan of RM80 per month for 12 months. The monthly fee becomes credit to your Nespresso account for you to purchase coffee capsules and accessories.

By opting for the subscription service, not only do you get to save up to RM549, but you also enjoy a two-year warranty service. Find out more about the subscription service here.

Image via Nespresso

With your monthly credits, explore the Nespresso World Explorations collection available at RM23 per sleeve. Additionally, Nespresso has tonnes of other quality coffee capsules and beautiful accessories for you to choose from as well. 

Check out the stunning coasters you can get from the World Explorations range:

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Ready to travel the globe through Nespresso's premium, exquisite coffee creations? Find out more here.

Check out Nespresso's official Facebook and Instagram page as well. 

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