How An Old Badminton Court Got A Makeover And Brought Hope To The Community

It's encouraging kids to play outside again!

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Coming across crumbling, worn-out courts while taking a walk around your local padang is unfortunately not an uncommon or the least bit surprising sight in Malaysia

Cracked cement surfaces, missing basket nets, broken fences, lack of proper lights - these all have long been accepted as the common traits of the courts found within communities, be it in the city or the outskirts. Finding a good public court to play in is as impossible as it gets.

That brings a question to mind: Where can people who can’t afford to pay for courts play?

Some are fortunate to be able to pay and book slots in private courts for their weekly games. But what about the less fortunes ones whose families are struggling to simply make ends meet? Should they be robbed of the opportunities to play and have fun like the rest?

Hence, sparked the FixMyCourt initiative to tackle the issue that is the lack of functioning public courts within communities that young people can use

Vineet Puri, Territory Head (Malaysia) of FOX Network Groups said, “We know that our viewers are passionate and enthusiastic about watching and playing sports, but it is unfortunate that a large number of sporting facilities and courts within communities are worn-out and generally unplayable.

This presented FOX Sports with a unique opportunity to enrich our viewers in the core essence of sports, by actually reaching out beyond the TV screens and refurbishing these facilities to provide a safer, more attractive way for communities to enjoy their favourite sporting activities."

Committed to helping the community at the grassroots level and getting youths to play outside again, FOX Sports Malaysia launched the FixMyCourt initiative late December 2015

Kicked off in late 2015, the FixMyCourt initiative by FOX Sports Malaysia is designed to give back to the local community in a meaningful way by fixing up old, decayed public courts, to support and cultivate the interest in sports at the community level. Aimed to encourage youths to engage their time in a healthier way, FixMyCourt joins the community in the effort to provide better facilities for all young people.

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The initiative, now at its second phase, serves as an effort to revamp run-down community courts, with the help from the public's submissions

FixMyCourt is a community-driven digital effort to fix and revamp worn-out public sports. Malaysians get to submit photos of old, damaged courts in their community and share why their court should be revamped to stand a chance for the makeover - depending on the court's conditions.

This campaign is calling out to Malaysians to have a hand in bettering their community.

Thanks to the initiative, a badminton and sepak takraw court in Kampung Segambut Dalam was given the transformation of a lifetime in the first wave of the campaign

Kampung Segambut Dalam was selected out of 56 submissions of run-down courts around the Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley area, in the first wave of the FixMyCourt campaign. The public court is mainly used by the community for badminton, street football, and sepak takraw.

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Before the transformation, the worn-out and ill-equipped court was in an unfortunate state - barren with broken and uneven surfaces, damaged fences and lacking the appeal for people to play in

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However, after a month-long construction, FOX Sports unveiled an almost unrecognisable revamped sports court

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Aside from fixed surfaces and fences, the court also received new floodlights and furnished with other sports equipment as well such as racquets, shuttlecocks, nets and balls. Mini goal posts were also provided for the street footballers in the community.


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One of the most notable and eye-catching revamp is definitely the court’s brand new surface, painted with vibrant colours and a bold design

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The unbelievable transformation of this court has managed to re-instill the love for sports in the local community, with the people making full use of the space

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“We are so happy that the first wave of FixMyCourt has been a success, and the testament to that are the eager and happy faces that we see around us. It is encouraging to know that FixMyCourt could actually make a significant difference to the community and its people,” said Vineet Puri.

FOX Sports Malaysia is only getting started as the second phase is already kicking off, and is inviting all Malaysians to be a part of the change in their community by simply uploading a photo

The second wave of the FixMyCourt campaign has already begun. Malaysians are once again welcomed to upload photos of the worn-down courts for a chance to get their community sports court to be selected for the make-over.

Just snap and upload images of the court in your area to Instagram.
1. To qualify, include the hashtags #FOXSportsGameOn and #FixMyCourt in your Insta posts.
2. Courts receiving the revamp will be selected based on, but not limited to, the total number of submissions.

Show your support and find out more info about FixMyCourt on FOX Sports Malaysia's website and Facebook page!

Have a court in mind which you think your community can benefit from a major revamp? You now have a chance to make real a difference. Don't waste it! ;)

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Never forget that no matter who we are, we are all capable, and have the power of being the change that inspire and influence others