This Panasonic Big Cubie Oven Allows You To Bake, Steam, Grill, Stew & More In One Touch

It'll help you to cook healthier meals.

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Panasonic has released their new Big Cubie Oven and it has so many cool functions - with just one oven, you'll be able to easily cook like a pro!

Cute and compact, this innovative oven can be used to bake, steam, grill, healthy fry, stew, and even ferment. Choose between steam or convection cooking to create all kinds of healthier, delicious dishes for you and your family.

There's even an Auto-Menu function, that automatically sets up the oven to cook over 30 menus with just the push of a button. You'll never have to worry about what to cook for dinner again!

This includes steamed fish, Chinese buns, fried shrimp, pizza, green tea roll cake, steamed fresh vegetables, roast chicken, seafood grill, french baguette, yoghurt, and so much more!

What makes this oven unique is that it uses a new cooking method called Superheated Steam

Normal steam becomes fine water quickly when it drops in the air and can be seen. In contrast, Superheated Steam consists of invisible nano-sized particles that are able to exceed 100°C and do not quickly turn into water drops.

This allows for deeper penetration into the food, which results in a faster cooking time as well as healthier dishes.

Cooking with Superheated Steam gives you the following benefits, every single time, no matter what dish you're making:

1. Delicious Food - The water molecules with high heat quantity rapidly penetrates the inside of the food, heating it all at once. Moisture is retained, keeping it crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.

2. Healthy Food - This method helps to thoroughly remove excess oil. With Superheated Steam, the heat is instantly transferred to the center of the food. Excess fats and oil in the center will then dissolve and drip away.

3. Quick Cooking - The powerful heating gives you a shorter cooking time. Food is heated powerfully from the inside out which reduces cooking time.

Check out some of its different temperature settings:

Superheated Steam temperature settings:
- 120°C: Suitable for all kinds of meat, vegetables, and for reheating food.
- 150°C: Best steaming temperature for seafood dishes.
- 190°C: Ideal for all kinds of dishes with meat, poultry, and seafood gratin.

Steam settings:
Now you can enjoy the true healthy benefits of steaming your favorite food with an amazing variety of steaming options in one oven. Try each and every one and bring out the best in nutrition.

- Low-Temp Steam (80°C): Ideal for eggs, prawns, and chicken.
- Med-Temp Steam (100°C): Perfect for buns, meat, and seafood.
- Slow Steam (Prolonged Cooking @ 90°C): Best option for porridge, puddings, soup, and desserts.

Fermentation settings:
The oven can serve as a suitable place to encourage ideal dough fermentation with its temperature settings. Whether its pizza, pastry, or yoghurt, let your dough rise to the occasion perfectly.

- 30°C: Promotes a steady and even fermentation of dough for crisp and fluffy end results. (E.g. European bread and dough that's rich in oil like baguette or Danish pastries)
- 40°C: With suitable temperature and moisture, the dough is soft, and crumbling and cracks are reduced. (E.g. Chinese pastry and pizza crust)

The large cavity (30L) and water tank (1L) allow you to cook more at one go, making it perfect for big families or parties

The big oven capacity will definitely come in handy when you want to grill, healthy fry, or convection/bake. Meanwhile, the greatly enlarged water tanks allows you to cook via low-heat simmering over a long period of time or stew for up to three hours with reduced nutrient loss.

So whether you want to bake a big birthday cake, cook a whole chicken, or make a healthy soup or stew, go on ahead and whip up a feast!

Cleaning up afterwards is a breeze, thanks to the oven's five cleaning functions

With utensils cleaning, deodorisation, cavity cleaning, system cleaning, and citric acid cleaning functions, it's able to ensure fast, convenient, and one-touch solutions for hygienic upkeep.

Interested in getting the Panasonic Big Cubie Oven for yourself? Click here for more information!

Get a Thermocafe 2-tier lunch box as well as a limited edition Panasonic Big Cubie cookbook as free gifts with every purchase while stocks last.

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