New Yorkers Can't Get Enough Of This Tall And Crispy "Malaysian Flatbread"

The roti canai is a crowd fave too!

Cover image via Laut NYC / INSIDER Food

Following in the food-steps of Ipoh white coffee and agar-agar jelly, the latest Malaysian delicacy to take the New York food scene by storm is the gravity-defying roti tisu!

The sweet yet monstrous creation is courtesy of Laut, a Michelin-starred restaurant specialising in Southeast Asian cuisine in Union Square, NYC.

While Malaysians typically eat roti tisu on its own or dipped in dhal, Laut serves it with coconut ice cream, which is hidden within the conical structure.

Of course, the iconic "Malaysian street food" roti canai - priced at USD7.50 (RM33.47) - is also a crowd favourite among the NYC restaurant's patrons

According to INSIDER Food, roti canai is also known as "flying bread" because of the way it is flipped. Check out the foodie site's scrumptious video HERE:

Laut's roti canai

This restaurant makes paper-thin Malaysian flat bread.

Posted by INSIDER food on Thursday, 1 December 2016

In addition, Laut also serves a delicious range of Malaysian dishes like nasi lemak, curry laksa, and satay as well as Singaporean, Indonesian, and Thai food

Laut, which was opened in 2008, prides itself as one of the first Malaysian restaurants to receive a Michelin star.

Here's to bringing more Malaysian food to the international arena! In the meantime, check out these Malaysians who've brought some of our local snacks and beverages overseas to immense success:

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