Then Vs Now: 9 Ways Nightlife In Malaysia Has Evolved Over The Years

We've come a longgg way!

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1. From old school house and dubstep, to modern day R&B and EDM, clubbing music has changed drastically

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Now, you'll find a lot more diversity in music genres compared to when music options were more limited back then. There's something for everyone, if you know where to look for it!

2. The emergence of novelty and themed clubs, as well as speakeasy bars

Partying has always been about the atmosphere, the experience. Taking a cue from its heyday counterparts, modern venues like PS150 and Wicked Club have introduced novelty experiences, from hidden entrances to themed decorations.

3. Levelling up from shots, cocktails, and Coke mixed drinks to artisanal handcrafted drinks

It used to be that you’d order a beer or tequila without giving a second thought. There’s now a greater appreciation for artisanal handcrafted drinks, which are made with spirits like cognac and are highly sought after.

4. Don't be surprised by all the LED walls, fancy light projections, and world-class sound systems

Just as the music, decor, and drinks have gotten an upgrade, so have the lighting and sound systems at nightlife venues.

Major venues in Malaysia have setups comparable to international venues, including floor to ceiling displays and world-class special effects that would turn your ‘regular night out’ to an immersive experience of sights and sounds.

5. Why play regular pong drinking games when you can play digital, interactive versions?

Party games are a lot more sophisticated today with interactive pong drinking games, digital scoreboards, electronic darts, and even touch-screen foosball tables!

6. The crowd is getting younger

Maybe parents are more lenient nowadays (remember the days you had to sneak out?), or young adults have more spending power today... or it could be that you're just getting older. ;P

7. Whether you like it or not, smartphones are now a thing

Back then, you’d call up the usual suspects, go to a party, put that phone in your pocket, and reach for it the next day with its battery still full. Today, your phone is pretty much an extension of you. It’s impossible to fight the urge to save that Instagram Story for later because hey, as the saying goes “pics or it didn’t happen!"

8. The evident evolution of fashion and style on the dance floor

Just like how music changes, so does fashion. From baggy cotton tees to statement pieces today, people are still quick to follow fashion trends, and boy, have we come a long way!

9. However, there are some things that never change, like the mandatory post-party supper

Probably the best part of going on a night out is ending on a high note at your favourite late night makan spot—that is, if you're still sober enough.

While nightlife in Malaysia has evolved over the years, it's still similar in so many ways. Ultimately, we just want to go out, drink together, and have a good time!

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As a reminder, the legal drinking age in Malaysia is 21 years old. That means you need to be 21 in order to buy and consume alcohol. Remember to always drink responsibly and in moderation. If you plan to drink, try carpooling with a friend who isn't drinking or catch a cab instead of driving.

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