Now You Can Wear The Flavours And Smells Of Your Childhood With These Retro Socks!

Making you feel warm and toasty both inside and out.

Cover image via wheniwasfour

Wheniwasfour, the Singaporean studio behind the ingenious 'kopi bungkus' bag, has released a Christmas collection that will surely tug at your heartstrings

The Christmas collection has five different designs that are sure to bring back memories of your childhood, such as the infamous Haw Flakes:

Image via wheniwasfour

This well-loved yoghurt drink that we're sure you're still drinking up until now:

Image via wheniwasfour

The Yakult-inspired design has an ingredient list on the underside, which lists the ingredients as "Huat-ness, luck, health, prosperity, gold, happiness".

A must-wear for Chinese New Year. :p

Image via wheniwasfour

Remember when rubbing these on made everything feel so much better?

Image via wheniwasfour
Image via wheniwasfour

 Wonder if these Tiger Balm and Mopiko-inspired designs will have the same effect on our feet when we put these socks on.

Bet you can already smell this from one look!

Image via wheniwasfour

This minyak angin is a whole weapon of its own.

Each pair of socks is sold at SGD12.90 (nearly RM40 a pair)

These unisex above ankle socks fit all sizes of female feet and up to UK size 10.5 for males.

Designs are digitally printed on material made from 35% cotton and 65% polyester, which is machine washable.

Find these retro socks on wheniwasfour's webstore, Facebook, and Instagram!

Have you seen wheniwasfour's 'kopi bungkus' bag?

This local Malaysian store also has a hilarious Christmas collection!

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